♡Painful Truths|Part Two

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You cried continuously as the ambulance wheeled the gurney up into the back. Michael and Carol got in with you, and it was very much obvious that he was still in shock. Carol held your hand and kept an eye on your bleeding at the same time. She rubbed the back of your hand with one hand, and used the other to caress your hair gently.

"It...it hurts..." you sobbed. "It's hurts so bad," you groaned, turning your head from side to side. "Please," you sniffled. "Make it go away,"

Carol nodded and continued with her soothing gestures. "It's alright, it'll be okay,"

Eventually, the ambulance came to a stop - and once the doors opened, two ambulance officers helped wheel your gurney out. Carol and Michael ran alongside you until you reached the emergency unit. It was at that point that Michael and Carol were told to wait outside.

"Oh God," Carol shook her head. "I hope (Y/N)'s okay,"



I stood outside the emergency unit with Carol, biting my lip nervously. I had felt horrible for the way I had treated (Y/N) - but I knew that she would have left me if I had confessed everything to her. If she found out that I was sleeping with Lisa Marie Presley - she'd have left in the blink of an eye.

Truth be told, (Y/N) deserved someone better than me. She deserved someone who had more control than I did.

I can't believe that I was weak when it came to my fidelity to my wife. Time after time, I would tell myself that the meetings with Lisa would stop. But time after time, I would fail.

Lisa wasn't a huge deal to me, the only thing that we shared was intimacy - if I could even call it that.

I loved (Y/N) - and that would never change. I also loved our baby, I needed to be a better man. I needed to show (Y/N) appreciation for her presence in my life.

She really was everything to me, if only I hadn't been so idiotic to give in to Lisa.

Suddenly, I was snapped out of my thoughts when a doctor exited the emergency unit - making his way over to Carol and I. Behind him, was the gurney that (Y/N) was laying on. Her blood had stained the white sheets, and her face was incredibly pale. As they wheeled her away, the doctor cleared his throat.

Please don't be bad news.

"I'm afraid we're in a rather difficult situation here," he began. "Mrs. Jackson has lost a lot of blood, and we need to operate on her now because the baby is suffocating," he sighed before continuing. "And I need to know, if it comes down to a choice - who would you like me to save?"

I gasped and looked at Carol. "What does he mean?" I mumbled despite knowing what the doctor meant. How was I supposed to choose? I loved my child, and (Y/N) very much.

"Michael..." Carol trailed off sympathetically.

"No..." I trailed off. "I...I can't..."

"Sir, I need a decision. Time is crucial," the doctor frowned.

I sighed and shook my head. "(Y/N). Save (Y/N),"


After several more hours of waiting, Carol and I were exhausted. She sat on the waiting bench as I paced up and down the waiting area.

Since we had been waiting for so long, I was beginning to worry about the safety of (Y/N) and my baby.

I bit into my nails just as a doctor walked out of the operating theater. I looked up with wide eyes as he took off his gloves and inhaled deeply.

"What's the news?" Carol asked as she walked up to stand beside me.

The doctor inhaled again before breathing out.

"We were only able to save the baby,"

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