♡Painful Truths♡

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You sat on the sofa of your best friend, Maya's, house - fiddling with your fingers as she walked into the living room, setting a glass of water down on the coffee table for you. You smiled slightly as she made her way to sit on the sofa across from you. She sighed and set her hands on her lap as she kept her eyes on you.

After a moment, you let out a breath as well.

"Now tell me," she began. "What's going on?"

Lately, you'd been suspecting your husband - Michael Jackson, of cheating on you. For two years, the two of you had been married - and as far as you were concerned everything was going great. But then again, that was what you thought.

A day ago, you had discovered another woman's bra underneath the bed, one that certainly didn't belong to you. It was a clear sign that Michael was cheating - that would have explained why he had become so distant with you lately.

"I know that Michael's cheating," you shook your head, your eyes tearing up slightly. The worst thing was, you were six months pregnant - and you did not want to harm the baby. You had planned a wonderful future for your family, and you desperately wanted it to stay intact. "I found this under the bed last night," you sighed, digging through your handbag to pull out the bra, which had been preserved in a zip-lock bag.

Maya's eyes widened as she took the bag from you, examining it before handing it back to you. "Your boobs are way smaller than this. I know that it doesn't belong to you," she frowned. "He's definitely up to something fishy,"

You shrugged and stuffed the zip-lock bag into your handbag before reaching for the glass of water on the coffee table - taking a sip and then setting the glass back down. The sound of the glass meeting wood made you flinch slightly.

You then rested your left hand on your belly, rubbing gently. "I can't let this harm our baby," you sighed, looking at your wedding ring before looking up at Maya. "Should I confront him?"

Maya stared into thin air for a brief moment before nodding. "I think you should. It'd be better to bring it up now than to let all of it fester,"

You contemplated for a long moment, subsequently nodding.

"Okay," you whispered. "I will,"


Once you had gotten back to Neverland, Carol - the chief of staff, greeted you at the door. You smiled at her, taking off your coat and handing it to her gently.

"Is Michael home?" you questioned softly. Carol nodded with a loving smile.

"He's in the studio right now,"

"The one here?" you furrowed your eyebrows slightly.

"Yes," she smiled in response.

You nodded and waved at Carol before making your way to the staircase. After ascending it, you walked a little further until you reached the studio. The door was closed.

You knocked gently before opening the door. Michael was on the phone, so he hadn't noticed you yet.

"Yes, I'll see you tomorrow evening," he spoke softly into the receiver, making you frown as you entered the room - shutting the door after you. When Michael heard this, he turned around and his eyes widened slightly when he saw you.

He quickly mumbled something into the telephone before setting the receiver down and directing his full attention to you. You folded your arms and laughed a little.

"Who was that?" you questioned, making sure to keep your voice soft.

"No one," Michael brushed you off, turning to the soundboard in front of him. He began fiddling around with the knobs before you let out a breath, making him turn his head back to face you.

"Are you cheating on me?" you decided to come out with it. Michael's eyes widened, and his face went pale - letting you know the answer. Instantly, your eyes began to tear up as Michael got to his feet.

"Excuse me," he mumbled, making his way past you, opening the door. You turned around and quickly followed him, stopping just at the top of the staircase.

"Michael, are you serious?" the tears began to stream down your face. You were horrified, and hurt beyond reasonable doubt. "Are...you...cheating on me?"

Michael said nothing again, turning to leave once more. You grabbed onto Michael's arm, but he yanked it away. You gasped slightly and took a step toward him.

"Are you seriously not going to tell me anything? Don't I at least deserve to know?"

Michael scoffed and shook his head. "No,"

You were appalled by your husband's behavior. You had never seen him this way - this man, you barely knew.

You tried to reach out to him again, but he pushed you away. Unfortunately, he pushed you too hard - and you went rolling down the stairs, crying in pain.

Carol ran out to see the commotion as the tears streamed freely down your face. Michael's eyes were wide with horror as Carol ran up to you.

"(Y/N)!" Carol cried. "Oh God...she's bleeding!"

But all you could feel was the intense pain.

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