❆ Arrival ❆

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He was sitting on a mountain top with his axes on his lap.

The sound of the wind was wonderful, and he likes it. He can't help but exhaled in the fresh and cool air, a light smile lit up on the corner of his lips.

He take a look around him. The view was fantastic, like a fairytale.

Oh how he wish his mother was with him.

Suddenly, he heard a sound of something squeaking behind him. He quickly turned as his axe flew to where the sound came from.

Surprisingly, the figure quickly dodged out and made his weapon fell to the ground.

It was the raven, black and elegant.

He exhaled, smiled a bit as the bird landed on the log nearby him. His hands played with the lefted axe on his lap.

The raven fluttered it's dark feather wings like wanting to tell him something and flew out to his side, causing him to turn after it.

That's when he founded the figure in black cloak.

At first, he thought it was Odin. But later, he realized that this one is more slim and a little bit shorter than the god.

The black bird landed on the figure's arm as the hand under the cloak lifted up to pull the hood down.

It was a girl, beautiful girl with blonde hair and a pair of attractive blue eyes.

Her hair were much more blonde than Lagertha, which made him felt pleased, at least she didn't remind him of his mother's murderer. Her face was angelic, like the most beautiful thing Freyja had made. He almost forget to breathe when he take a look at all the details on her face.

The girl walked closer, and he felt himself breathe faster and his pulse got stronger and stronger.

Her perfect lips open up to say something.

And all of a sudden, Ivar the Boneless awoken from his dream.


Ivar and his brothers came to the entrance of the Kattegat village a few days later when one of their slaves told them that the people from the Raven Mountains have arrived.

The first thing he saw from afar was a black and small figure of something.

"What is that?" He leaned in and asked Hvitserk.

"The symbol of their kingdom, I think it's a raven." His brother replied.

"They're coming." Ubbe whispers, clearly exiting.

The brown horse came into the area first, the rider was tall and slim, dressed in a dark shirt and pants. His bright blonde hair was cut short and his blue eyes were lighter than Ivar, but that's enough for the Kattegat girls to look at his handsome face with admiration.

The blonde rider flashed a smile across the crowd as he turned his horse a little bit.

That's when he saw another horse.

It was a beautiful, misty grey horse. The rider was in the dark tone of cloak. And...

For the love of Odin.

The grey horse's rider was the same girl in his dream.

He never forgot her blue eyes and golden blonde hair, also that pulchritudinous face.

She shows no expression when she saw the crowd gathering in front of her. Her pale and slim hand pull the rein and drove the horse to the door of the festing hall as the boy on the brown horse follows her, along with the other people on horses which are approaching slowly.

The girl hurled herself down from her horse as one of the servant step up and took that pretty animal to the other way, to the stable, for some food and rest.

She and the tall boy trace up the stone doorsteps as the guard push it open.

Ivar knows himself again when Ubbe pat his shoulder and walk him inside, after the people of the Raven Mountains.

He saw the small raven flew over his head, spreading its wings out as it lands on the armrest nearby the chair where the girl sat.

"Welcome to Kattegat, queen." Lagertha greet as she pushed herself up from the stone throne.

"Slaves." The queen of Kattegat ordered. The slaves behind the pillars move themselves, ready to serve the guests and their masters.

The boy leaned himself forward, helding up a cup when the slave girl behind him step forward and pour the ale in it.

"Remember, Lagertha. We're not here for just a feast or an ale." He said softly as he drinks it, his gaze didn't leave the shieldmaiden on the throne.

"Of course." She smiled and nodded. Ivar wants to know if she smile like that too when the arrow of hers pierce through his mother's back.

"How are you doing, queen?" Lagertha asked the girl.


She replied with somekind of language they didn't understand. It sounds more complicated, ancient, and beautiful.

"She says she's as well as she could right now." The blonde boy translated.

"Well, I'm glad. I hope your grief from Queen Birgit's funeral had passed." The queen of Kattegat smiled.

He founded that Lagertha had said something wrong because the girl's face hardened, she drop her cup down and pull the boy closer to whispers him something.

He didn't know why, but he doesn't like it when the two of them get close.

"Ivar?" Hvitserk called him, quietly touching his arm.

Ivar flinched and look down to his hand which is tighten around the ale cup until the wooden cup bends.

"Nothing, brother." He whispers back.

"Sure?" His brother look at him curiously.

"There's nothing you need to know." He growled back.

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