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Elaine had left the tent with one intention, to get to bed with the least interruptions

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Elaine had left the tent with one intention, to get to bed with the least interruptions. Surely this couldn't have been the worst plan but as she stepped out from Victoria's tent and found Trout nowhere to be found her heart deflated.

The tent was right beside one another but she had hoped to find a warm drink before bed, something to ease her mind. The idea of walking through drunk men and touchy soldiers made chills run down her sides but it was slightly eased by the reminder she had a blade strapped to her leg.

The handmaid sighed heavily and decided there was too much energy in her system to lie in bed and pretend to fall asleep. She needed water and perhaps something to eat which meant she was to make her way into the thick of men and find some comfort.

A wave of hunger eyes fell on the maiden when she arrived to the tent filled with laughter, lit candles, and ale. Some men were more silent then others, only giving her a glance and then looking onto another task, some however were much more greedy.

She had not but a moment of a walk before someone stepped beside her, and judging by the immediate disruption of stares it was someone important.

"I see the our little cub has finally released you from her paws for the night." Monterroso was the last person she'd expected to see. He smiled down at her, looking as normal as any other man in his winter garbs. The black colors of his warm coat and pants were a contrast to the shiny armor he usually wore.

Elaine almost lost her words as she gazed at his ruggedly handsome look before walking towards the treys of food. "Lord Commander, I had not noticed you." She picked a warm soup and set it in a bowl, feeling her hands defrosting against it.

"I was behind you, Lady Elaine, your legs are so long it's an exercise in itself to keep up." He jokes and picked the same item to eat.

She smiled at his response, "well, had I known you were wanting to speak I would have slowed. Is there something I can do for you?"

"I want nothing from you, on the contrary I was assuring none of these fools became a bother to you." The gorgeous man retorted and looked back towards he crowds that had gone back to their own habits. "As men we tend to act like swines, some more then others."

Elaine couldn't help but laugh, leaning against the small table set up as she awaited him to finish picking out more food. The Dornes had packed more then enough supplies to feed an entire country so they were definitely not running low.

"I appreciate your concern, Lord Commader—"

"Please, call me Dominic, or Dom for short. There's no need for formalities now, no ones watching." Monterroso cut in.

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