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"Help me, noona," Jungkook said, letting out a low moan as he pumped his length.

You couldn't help but shift your gaze to hand as he pleasured himself. Even when it was covered by his light washed jeans, it was enough to get you turned on.

", it hurts."

Then you suddenly remembered. His heat.


"Oh Y/n!" Jimin exclaimed.

It was the day you were about to adopt Jungkook, so you decided to ask Jimin for any information or advice for keeping a hybrid since he has one.

"Heat," he said. "Heat?" you asked

"Yeah, it happens during the springtime, it's like mating season," he explained, "So it's kinda like... they become some horny ass." "Oh," you responded, feeling embarrassed.

"But hey, maybe you could finally get laid. I heard they're hella good in bed," he smirked. You took a sip of your coffee before asking, "Have you ever fucked Tae?"

"Ew, fuck no." He gave you a disgusted look. You shrugged your shoulder, "What? If I was a dude, I would totally bang him."

"Okay...can you like, stop talking about him," he said, "Oh, and remember not to wear anything revealing to him." You smirked at him. "Okay, it's not like there's anything to see. They get turned on so fucking easily during their heat," he confirmed.

"Wow, I'm hurt," you clutched your chest, "Anyways, thanks Chim~"


Well fuck. But to be honest, that book porn is good asf.

There you stood, frozen. You were beyond (jung)shook. What do I do? Do I call Jimin? Do I ask Jimin to fuck him??

"Ahh," He moaned, "Please Noona." You inhaled. You couldn't think of anything besides Jungkook. You subconsciously rubbed your thighs. A pool was forming in your panties. "Noona..." he whined.

"Oh for fuck's sake," you heard Jungkook curse before he storms towards you. He pinned you to the wall. Hit his hot breath hitting your skin, sending shivers down your spine.

"Noona," he whispered your ear, "You know that I don't like waiting."

At that point, you did not care anymore. You didn't care If you were about to lose your virginity. You didn't care if you were about to fuck your hybrid.

"I'll help you," you gasped, heart, pounding in your chest.

Jungkook smashed his lips into mine. A rough and needy kiss. "Jump," he said thought the kiss. You jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist. You gasped when you felt his boner against your area. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue in. You moaned. Without putting up a fight, you allowed him to explore your cavern. His warm tongue wrapped around yours. What a sinful feeling. He pulled away, leaving you panting. A string of saliva was connected your lips.

"Noona," He whispered in your ear before nibbling on your ear, "You do not know how much I wanted this."

You moaned. Your face flushed. You were enjoying each and every touch he was giving you.

"Sucking your clear, smooth skin," he said before placing a hickey on your neck, "And marking my territory on it."

He licked his lips, slow, and sexily.

He ripped off my shirt, followed by my bra. 

Welp, there goes my favorite shirt.

He looked at your breast, enjoying the sight of your naked chest. The grabbed your right one and began to fondle it. He then pinched your harden nipple, amking you gasp. "Ahh..." you moaned.

 He took off my pants as I unbuckled his belt.

"Are you ready," he took off his pants, "Cause I sure am."


"Huh, I didn't here that?"


He chucked, "Good girl."

He inserted a digit into my hole. I moaned as he moved thrusted it in and out. (I'm suddently craving In-n-out right now. *gets slapped* Ow! what was that for? *for randomly entering the story* You know what else in gonna be entered? *gets slapped again* I DOn'T REgREt a tHIng)

"I-I'm going to c-cum," I manage to stutter out.

"You better scream my name, babygirl," He whispered in my ear.

After a few more thrusts, I came.


He licked my cum off my hands, "I never knew you tasted so good."

He placed his member near my entrance, teasing me a little.

"G-god, just put it in already!"

"oh, someone's needy."

"S-shut up!"

In one smooth puch, he slowly entered his length inside of me, allowing me a ajust a bit. It was a painful, but soon turn into pleasure. I gave me a nod, allowing him to move.

We both moaned in pleasure. He started trusting in and out.


He started trusting harder.

We soon both came, and fell asleep on the bed.

A/n: So that's what it's like writing a smut. This is my first one, I cringed much more than expected. Don't judge meh. please. My ass wasn't born to write this type of thing. ok bye. I'll write a crack version next time, cuz I BEttER At tHAT ShIET.

A/N : I wanted to edit it a bit cuz I wasn't satisfied.

A/N: I decided to not private this because it isn't THAT inappropriate

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