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Charlotte & Toby

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Charlotte & Toby



Charlotte stares at her Blackberry dormant on the kitchen counter.

Last night he promised to call at 5.30 pm.

It's now 5.47 pm.

Fleeting thoughts invade her head space, each deliberation captures further confusion, hopelessness.

I hope everything's okay.

His phone might be flat.

Maybe he has a playlist.

Preoccupied, Charlotte bites her nails. She paces back and forth before returning to the counter.

The time on the Blackberry screen reads 5.48 pm.

He's stuck at work.

Maybe he's stuck on the phone to his mum.

Or else he's stuck in the supermarket queue.

Should I call him?

Traffic might be chaotic and he doesn't have his hands free kit.

Maybe his mate's car broke down needing his help.

Charlotte returns to her seat, drags the palms of her hands down the sides of her face in frustration. Her emerald eyes fixate on Docklands Pier beyond her studio apartment window. Outside it's frozen with no signs of life, mirroring her mobile phone. Knots in her stomach fuse as she succumbs to rising anxiety, butterflies intensify.

Verifying the time on her mobile screen once more confirms his lack of communication, increasing her worry, despair.

Wild thoughts mask her common sense.

Maybe he lost his phone with my number in it.

He may have left his phone at work.

Perhaps he's caught up talking to his neighbour while checking his letter box.

Or worse, he simply forgot.

Charlotte's thoughts drift back to meeting him, swirling her into a vivid daydream.

'I love travelling,' she re-lives his words at the single's padlock party last night. Her reply, 'Me too,' as she continued to agree with every statement he made.

Charlotte recalls their mutual instantaneous connection. Her spellbound trance, wanting to know more, have more, experience more. Still buzzing and feeling the most alive, she's ever felt, she runs through meeting him in her head.

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