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Today was the day we finally got to plan the wedding. Tina, LaVar and Melo were on their way to pick us up. My parents and I were waiting.  A horn honked outside signaling that they were here.

We walked outside and greeted them as we entered the vehicle.

"Kaaaiii," Melo grinned widely.

I sat next to him and he placed his hand around me.

"I missed you girl."

"You are so headass but I lowkey missed you too," I blushed kissing his cheek.

"Ain't no kissing happening here," My dad declared.

"Sorry sir," Melo said looking down.

"You realize your daughter is getting married right" My mom told my dad.

He sighed and put his hands on his head.

"You ready to have this wedding big baller style kids?" LaVar asked.

"Aye big baller way," Melo laughed.

"I'm ready too, I guess," I joined.

"Yay excited," Tina smiled.

We arrived at the wedding planner and got out. Lamelo held my hand as we entered the place.

"Good morning Mr and Mrs. Ball, Mr and Mrs. Simmons and the soon to be bride and groom," The lady greeted us.

We greeted her back and followed her.

"You guys seem a little young tho, how old are you guys?"

"I'm 16 and he's about to be 17," I answered.

"I'm 16 and he's about to be 17," I answered

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She nodded her head and guided us to sit.

"You guys are very young so you would like things to be more lit huh?"

We both nodded our heads.

"Okay so tell me what you'd like and we'll work from there," She stated.

"Is it possible to have mask off playing orchestra style for when we walk in?" Melo asked.

I laughed at his silliness, even though he was serious.

"That can be arranged and what about the bride?"

"I'd like to have a beach wedding."

"Now that's big baller style," My dad chuckled.

"Alright color scheme suggestions?" She asked writing things down.

"Rose gold sounds lit," I stated.

"Rose gold and burgundy would look smooth together," Melo added.

"Aye we good at this shit Kai," He said dapping me up.

I laughed and we continued telling the lady what we'd like.

"And the cake should be an extra chocolately cake," I said.

"Nah Kai I ain't feeling that, what about a vanilla cake?"

"A vanilla cake, really nigga?" I asked.

"Um guys I think—" The lady began to talk but was cut of by LaVar.

"Let them solve their own problems, marriage is about compromising."

"I don't really like chocolate cake baby," Melo frowned.

"And I'm not a fan of vanilla either," I pouted.

He looked at my face and gave in.

"It doesn't matter, once you're happy I'm good Mekai."

"Nah Melo it's our wedding, it shouldn't be about just me."

"Can't we get like half of what I want and have of what she wants?" He asked.

"That was what I was going to say in the first place," The lady chuckled.

"Damn kids of this generation slow as hell," My dad uttered.

"Back in my day my brain was pumping harder than Einstein's, and that's how I can beat Mike too. It's all about the mind baby!" LaVar shouted.

I laughed at their convo and continued the planning. Everything was coming together well, and the best part about it was that there's no cameras. It's best that nobody knew about the wedding until a certain time. The Ball family already had enough critics.

"Thank you too so much for cooperating this well, you guys are better than those nagging old couples that come here," The lady chuckled.

"Thank you too," I smiled at her.

Melo and my parents thanked her as well.

Marriage life was near.

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