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You groaned and opened your eyes, looking around the dark room. You tried to move your hands and legs, but they were restrained with heavy metal cuffs. A sigh escaped your lips when you realized that it was nothing.

Another day in this dark hell.

Let me paint the picture for you.

Several weeks ago, you had been abducted by one of the world's most dangerous human trafficking society. The members of the society would normally kidnap innocent girls, and then later sell them off to a bunch of rich men for their pleasure. It was a sick cycle.

You, on the other hand, hadn't been sold yet - and that meant that you were subjected to staying in a dark, dungeon-like garage. Trapped with you, were two other girls - Jade and Alina. Constantly, the three of you were abused - both physically and mentally. Your body was sore, and your wrists were bleeding from your persevering struggle.

Suddenly, the door opened loudly - making the three of you girls gasp. From the light that the open doorway provided, you could see the silhouette of a tall, buff man.

I hadn't mentioned, but you had never seen the faces of your kidnappers - they always wore black masks to hide their identity.

The buff man approached you, fetching his key to unlock your restraints. You frowned a little, wondering what was going on.

As if he had read your thoughts, the buff man spoke.

"It's your turn,"

You were going to be sold.

Lord, please save me.


The buff man had your arm under his tight grip. He dragged you along with him, moving along a winding passage. You frowned and shivered a little. Your dress was ripped, your body was dirty - and your hair was a mess.

Eventually, you arrived at a bathroom - a rather fancy one at that. You turned to look at the man as he opened the door and turned on the light.

"Shower. Freshen up," his deep voice instructed. "Fifteen minutes. There's also makeup inside if you need it,"

You sighed and nodded, walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. You leaned against the door, letting tears well up in your eyes.

You didn't want to do it. You wished that you hadn't been kidnapped. You missed your family, especially your mother. Your heart also ached for your best friend, Layla.

So with a heavy heart, you began to undress - preparing yourself to be sold.


Once you were done, you looked at yourself in the reflection of the bathroom mirror. Your hair was styled into a pretty bun, and you wore a long black coat over a short grey skirt. You had knee high boots, and overall - you were satisfied with your appearance.

With one last sigh, you walked out of the bathroom - turning off the light before shutting the door.

The buff man from before was waiting, and when he saw you - he grinned devilishly. "Oh, they're going to have so much fun with you,"

He grabbed your arm and pulled you along with him again. After several turns and twists - you finally arrived at a hall-like room. Men were all seated on leather chairs, facing a stage where another masked man stood. In fact, even the audience men wore masks - just to conceal their identity.

The man at the podium beckoned for you to walk over, making the man behind you - push you forward. You walked up onto the stage and were instantly met with a few whistles. You rolled your eyes as you stopped at the middle, turning to face the audience.

The man at the podium cleared his throat before speaking.

"The bidding will start at one hundred thousand dollars,"

Instantly, a hand went up. Next, another one. Eventually, men were bidding everywhere - the amount had gone up to eight hundred thousand dollars.

Suddenly, just as the last man was about to win the bid - a hand went up, giving an unbelievable price.

"Fifteen million dollars,"

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