1: Best friend

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Hey, guys, this is my first time writing a Fan Fiction so stay with me. I'm sorry if it's horrible but if you have any suggestions or anything plz feel free to comment and help me out. Thx!

Lenas office

Third person pov:

As Kara walked into Lena's office she couldn't help but take in the beauty of the woman sitting at the desk in front of her. Her skin is pale, her hair is black as the night sky, and her eyes are piercing emerald green. She wore a tight fitted black dress with black 4-inch heels. Her hair was flowing around her face perfectly showing off her sharp jawline.

Kara and Lena have been friends for a little over a year now and have helped each other through some tough things. Kara helped Lena with what was going on with her mom and CADMUS (Also when Lena helped Supergirl take down her mom and CADMUS), she also helped her through jacks death and all the assassination attempts that her brother had set up. Lena had help Kara get over Mon-el and realize that he was an abusive dick head, she was currently helping her with her sexuality. Kara had started having feelings for a friend but she wouldn't say who only that it was a girl and that she didn't know what these feelings were, she couldn't tell if she liked her as more then friends or if it was just because they were getting closer and she was worried she was going to fuck things up between them because they were so close.

"Kara!! What brings you around? " Lena asked a little too excited but Kara just brushed it off.

"Hey, umm Snapper wants me to write another article on you" kara lied to see what Lena's response would be.

"Oh, really another on huh, so you're here for work then," she said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Kara giggled "Nope I just wanted to see your reaction"

"Kara that's not okay I thought I was gonna have to lie and say I hate my mother," Lena said the last part as a laugh indicating that she was joking. "So what are you here for then?"

"What I can't come to see my best friend on my lunch break?" Kara giggled it out not even noticing that she had.

"Well, of course, you can but Alex isn't here."

"Hahaha you know your my best friend and Alex is my sister yes I love her but she can get very annoying and you never seem to"

"Well what can I say I learn from the best"

"Oh ya and who would that be, Lex oh wait can't be him he's the most annoying one out of your family hmm I don't know who it could be"

"Oh Lex is the most annoying I would have thought it would be my mother but I learned from you silly"

"Lena Luthor saying silly I never thought I'd see the day"

"Oh haha. okay so I have a plan and knowing you, you might not like it but if u want to figure out your feeling this is the best way."

The Deo

Maggies POV:

"Alex come on do we have to." Alex wants to box but I just got off the night shift and want to sleep.

"Yup you left me alone last night to work so now we get to box you know the rules"

Alex and I had made a rule that anytime one of us worked the night shift and the other doesn't, therefore leaving the other to sleep alone, we have to box when we get off work so the other one has a chance of beating you. I find it stupid but Alex loves it and technically I did come up with the rule because she had to work the night shift the day after we moved in together and I was pretty pissed and wanted to beat her and she was tired, now that it's me the tired one it seems stupid but shes my Alex so I must do what she wants.

"Alright but go easy on me they worked me extra hard last night"

"Nope not in the rule but umm you reward me tonight and I will?!?!"


"What I was joking"

"Sure ya were"

We spent the next 20 minutes throwing punches and kicks, in the end, Alex pined me to the ground and I gave up since I didn't want to get hurt, because we have to throw Karas birthday party (actual birthday not earth birthday that's in a couple of months) in a couple of days and I knew I was going to do a lot of the heavy lifting while Alex did the rest.



So I know its a really short chapter but it's just to start us off they will get longer. Like I said at the beginning if you have any suggestions feel free to comment. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes but a new chapter will come soon I promise.

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