To assist with some of the terms used in the story that may not be clear.

Magis | Master practitioner of a magic skill

Magism | Laws and codes of conduct in applying magic derived from The Sacred Word.

Mana | A person's natural ability for magic casting. It comes from a secret organ near the heart and the size of a pea at its largest. The larger the mana organ, the more the person has to invoke magic.

Chi | A living person or creature's energy and life force. Note that undead creatures don't produce their own chi but exist on borrowing from the living.

The Sacred Word | Is the all time book of magic and history, passed down and expanded from Grand Magis to another and stored within Gat Shiem. It contains every manner of known spells, knowledge of belief systems, religious text, rituals and prophesies. It's a one stop shop outline for everything in Sol.

Grand Magis/Shuso | Head Monk of Gat Shiem and the Head of Sol Magis community. All laws and code of conduct for magic use is passed down to factions through the Gat Shiem Head Chain.

Gat Shiem | Magic headquarters and also a place where magic is the purest. A lot of senior Magis end up taking a life long calling at Gat Shiem to master the ways of The Sacred Word and Cakra Magic.

Magic Skills

Force | Transmutation, transformation and telekinesis type of magic

Elemental | Able to use the elements of the world to summon a desired result (e.g call Fire, Wind, Earth, Water)

Semblance | Telepathy, illusions, mental imagery, enchantments, soul trapping and binding. There are objects that can be bound with a form of Semblance spell that doesn't require the User to be adept in the skill but they have the sufficient mana to sustain the magic.

Cakra | Using the power of self to call upon a result. It requires the wisdom of a Magis to be able to summon the mana power within. Derived from Chakra.

Crown = Tapping into the mind to bring out a result. Side effect is either concussion or amnesia.

Eye = Focusing on the inner eye to reach a desired destination. Side effect is damage to the Caster's eyes, usually temporary.

Throat = Focusing on the throat to call truth, silence or invoke spells that require the sound of voice to produce a result. Side effect, nasty form of a laryngitis and possible damage to the tonsils.

Heart = The most dangerous of all Cakra magic where a person focus on the power of their love to restore the chi of another at the moment of their death. Side effect - cost is the giving of life of the Caster. The more traumatic the death, the more focus is needed and the Caster's life can be sacrificed in the process. A lot of hiras have this ability naturally.

Solar Plexus = Focuses on feelings in the gut to restore chi-health to another. Side effect - vomiting, constipation, re flux, hernias and other mild stomach complications.

Sacral = Transcendence into another time and space (form of time travel). Astral projection. It's rarely used. A Magis would have studied The Sacred Word for many years to understand the process of use. Generally, only skilled Monks trained at Gat Shiem have this ability. An exception is the one and only family who are genetically skilled. Side Effect - being stuck in the travelled time and space. Not able to reattach the soul back to the body. The current body is open to being a meat suit for formless demons to enter into.

Root = Generally known that only Gat Shiem's Shuso had the ability to use this power. It involved the temporary creation of time and space in parallel to one that existed.  It seems some magis and demons may have this ability. To evoke this power is usually at the cost of the casters own body.   The typical output of the power are Dimension Slips.

Talisman Magic | Uses the chanting of a passage from The Sacred Word to invoke a result. Generally to temporarily close off or open a way to somewhere or thing.

It's a form of magic that can be used by low level mana Casters since the magic is bound to strips of blessed paper with a spell (typically protection) written on it, and called upon when the correct passage from The Sacred Word is spoken.

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