Chapter 1

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Kyrei's POV

I looked on the ground to see shattered glass lying everywhere. Last week this was where I talked to Fitz for the last time...before he slammed me into the now broken glass table. Now Fitz was dead..and so were my other two roommates Aislee and Mercy.

I've never felt more empty in my life then this moment. All my stuff was already at my friend Gryusihe's place. Gryusihe was all I had left after my roommates killed there selves. I wanted to follow right after them, but I knew I had to talk to a few people first.

I decided to start with the people who cared about Fitz. I went to the library and used one of the computers to look up the right people. I got through a Chase, a Anthony, a few random girls before I got off. There was one person I didn't message, and it was the one that meant the most to Fitz.

This one I remembered easily since Fitz never stopped talking about his crush on him, Derexll, but everyone called him Rex. I had a piece of paper tucked in my pocket with his address on it. I didn't have to look at it since I commited it to memory days ago.

I reached a brown looking apartment building and slowly made my way in. The elevator was easy to find and I place my hand between the doors before it could close. As I made my way in I pressed the number four button and leaned against the wall.

There was a cough behind me and when I turned I could feel my eyes go wide. Standing behind me was a cute looking guy who was looking at the ground as he blushed. That wasn't the reason my eyes went wide though, it was the cuts that lined his wrists.

I felt he sudden urge to kiss him silly and tell him to never hurt his self again, but instead I just turned back around as the doors opened to the fourth floor. I stepped out only to see the cute guy behind me coming out on the same floor.

Silently I hoped he was going to the same apartment as me, but quickly pushed the thought out of my head. I pushed on looking for the correct numbered door and stopped when I saw the guy standing in front of me. His brown eyes looked grieved, but happy for some reason. Before I could try to read the rest of the emotion he pushed his hair in his eyes and blushed again.

"H-hi, um, y-you seem kind of lost, d-do you need h-help?" He stuttered shyly.

I looked him over as he spoke to me, and I wasn't disappointed. He didn't have the build for abs, but he wasn't fully scrawny either. He was also a few inches shorter then me, had brown hair that fell in his face perfectly, and the innocent look I loved to see.

"Yea, do you know where apartment 274 is?" I replied with a smile.

This only made him blush harder as he started a staring contest with his shoes, "T-that's m-my apartme-ent," he spoke weakly.

A wave of confusion passed over me, "Are you Rex?"

"Y-y-y-" he sighed and gave up with a nod.

My grin grew as I realized Fitz made a smart choice with crushing on Rex. Fitz....right...I was here to tell him what happened to him. I flipped my hair back as I thought of how to tell him the bad news. This guy had a crush on Fitz when he was alive, and I could tell Rex didn't need anymore greef.

"You were friends with Fitz right?"

He nodded slowly with a confused look.

"Listen, I hate to tell you this, but Fitz....jumped."

Tears were already pouring out of Rex's eyes and my heart went out to him. That is if I even had a heart. I hugged him to my chest and kept whispering reassuring words to him. His sobs only grew which made me feel even worse. He stopped when we heard a awkward cough behind us though.

"Um, Rex? Is there something you need to tell me?" I turned and saw a guy who didn't look so happy.

"Jyxr it isn't what it looks like!" Rex sobbed as he tore his self out of my arms.

"Then why don't you explain what's going on."

"This guy came up here to tell me my friend Fitz died! He was only trying to make me calm down!"

"Yea, I'll believe that," The guy said before storming back on the elevator.

"JYXR!" Rex called after him, but the guy was gone.

Rex fell on the floor and cried even harder then before. I figured he was gay, but I guess the jealous boyfriend was the big give away. I moved over to him and pulled him on my lap. His body shook as he cried even more and I just rubbed his back, ignoring the electric feeling I got from touching him.

"C-can y-you t-take m-me to my a-apartment please?" He stuttered.

I only nodded and took the key out of his hand as I got up. I walked down the hall holding him to my chest until I found the right door. When I unlocked the door I shuffled in, careful not to lose my grip on Rex. I closed the door with my foot and handed him his key back.

"Want me to take you to your room?" I  said.

He nodded and pointed over to a red door outlined in black. Impressed, I walked over to it and made my way in. The walls were the same colors as the door, but had posters all over.  I smirked when I noticed most of them were Lady Gaga, but still set Rex on his bed.

"Look, I know that was your boyfriend. I'll personally go say sorry to him if you want...and I'm sorry you lost Fitz...he protected me like he protected you..."

"Don't worry about it, I think were over anyway...and I'm sorry you lost Fitz too..." He mumbled.

A grin tugged at my lips as I shook my head, "He cared allot about you. Your all he talked about."

Rex blushed again as he tried to hide in his hair, but I pushed it away from his face. He looked up at me with confusion as I stared at him. This time I couldn't stop the grin, or the laugh that came seconds after.

"Don't hide from me, it won't help you in the long run. Trust me," I winked.

He blushed yet again, but nodded before backing away a little bit. I barely knew him and I was already falling for him. I grinned at the thought of calling him mine, but it quickly faded as I realized how wrong I was to think that.

I never felt like this towards anyone, and it was confusing me why I was feeling it now for him. I always told myself I don't have a heart and I didn't deserve love. As of now I had to stay away from Rex, he deserved better then a prostitute.


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