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It was not even three weeks later that my boss paid me a visit; unfortunately, Feliciano was at home with me.

We were in my kitchen, Feli having made lunch-pasta, of course-which we had eaten together very gladly. Now, we were attempting to clean the dishes together, resulting in lots of bubbly, soapy water being sloshed out of the sink, which was full of dishes. I would have been angry over the complete mess we were making, except the look on sweet Feliciano's face was melting my heart as he shrieked with laughter whenever I splashed water on his arms, and then he would retaliate with flinging a half-cleaned cupful at me. Surprisingly, when it came to the Battle of the Cleaning Dishes, he proved to be a relentless soldier, always getting in the last spray of water with me; if only he could apply this on a true battlefield-or even just in training.

As it was to be expected, it was in this wonderful moment of companionship-just as I reached over and gave my cute Italian a chaste kiss on the lips for all his adorableness and "hard work"-that my boss strode into the room, disgust and something dangerously far past disapproval written clearly on his hard features.

I pulled away from Italy, though so clearly not fast enough. He looked confused, even though he recognized my boss and knew what his policies had been since 1936-just a few short years before we became allies, then lover- and the whole reason why we had to be together in secret, instead of out in public.

I felt my heart sink as I saw Hitler standing there, realizing in my heart that we were doomed.

My shock sparked and grew with the sinking feeling weighing down my entire body as I saw mein bruder-Prussia-follow our boss in shortly after, escorted by several of Hitler's Gestapo guard. I barely held in a groan at the thought of just how terrible this was to be. But I refrained from drawing my defenseless-and still relatively clueless-sweetheart towards me for protection; I had to be able to find a way out of this for him at the least, and if I acted now in his defense, then I would seal his fate forever.

In precise, emotionless tones, Hitler began to speak.

"It has come to my attention, that the two of you-" here, he vaguely indicated Prussia and myself- "Have chosen to commit a revolting crime, a truly abominable sin. I am speaking, of course, to the fact that both of you have engaged in condemning acts of homosexuality. And you shall be punished accordingly; all guilty parties shall pay. Such a disease as this cannot be permitted to ravage the pure Aryan race: it shall poison and destroy it, corrupt and ruin it until it reaches a point of no repair, stuck-trapped-in the monstrosity you would see it infected with. But I will not let this happen.  We will erase the impurities. Especially such malicious and self-serving ones as these, which hinder the spread of our pure blood. You waste yourselves, and hurt the Cause. You serve no use now, except in your labor. Come."

Here, in came more Gestapo agents, and we were taken away. I exchanged one look with Italy, begging him with my eyes to not say a word, nor cry out. Of course, I literally growled at any of the men who got too close to him, and-seeing as I had been harshly and mercilessly giving these people orders only days before-most did not dare to get too close, especially since Hitler ignored it, seeming not to care. More like trying to distance himself from our horrifically impure lifestyle.

We were driven in the back of a large black car, straight to a secure building that I knew to be a typically unused processing center for officers of ranking who had been deemed traitors to Hitler's Cause. And it was here that we were to have our doom settled.

Within the first step we took into the gray cement building without hope or prayer, I thought Prussia would be lost.

Sitting on the floor in the first room they used for "interrogation"-getting people to confess to whatever crime they likely did not even commit except in the paranoid mind of our boss-was Matthew Williams. Canada, mein bruder's boyfriend. His blond hair was showing streaks of red near the temple, his red hoodie was removed, revealing a bruised, black, blue and purple chest underneath, with several ribs very prominent, and his violet eyes were open wide with absolute terror.

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