Four And Below

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I sat at the hair and makeup station set up in the kitchen as I was prepared for the camera. Dad was out in the main living space at the piano getting his picture taken. "Is this your first magazine shoot?" The makeup artist, Jill, asked me. "Yeah, I'm really excited." I nodded slightly as pieces of my curly hair were fashioned into various braids in Carrie, the hairstylist's, hands. "What do your friends think of you doing this?" Carrie chimed. I took a deep breath and hesitated. "They're happy for me." I lied. "I was going to invite them to the shoot, but they didn't want to intrude on my little moment." I lied again. "They're supporting me and where I come from." I added. "Roxie, are you ready?" The creative director of today's photoshoot, Tim, came over. "I think so." I glanced over at Tim as Jill applied lipgloss on my lips while Carrie finished with my half-up/half-down braided hairdo and a coat of hairspray. I was sent out to the back of the house and was told to stand by the pool in my yellow, purple, and blue maxi dress. I felt out of place not wearing my normal black, red, and white aztec patterned look, but this is just for today. And only today. The photographer came outside and set up her things before directing me on how to pose. I stood next to the pool and placed my hands on my hips with my chin up a bit to elongate my neck as a ghost of a smile flew by my lips. "Perfect, hold that." The photographer, Sarah, complimented and snapped a few frames of my first pose. "New pose." She commented. I couldn't help but break out into laughter and that apparently worked for a few more frames before I moved onto the pool steps in the water. The bottom hemming of the dress I wore was raised a bit as I gripped onto the skirt fabric and looked into the camera with a dreamy gaze. "Amazing, Roxie." Sarah noted and glanced over to see if Dad was there. He was probably in the kitchen checking his blood sugar. Check number four today. Dad moved like clockwork when it came to his blood sugar checks throughout the day. I stepped onto the main concrete and squeezed the bottom three inches of my dress dry. "We're gonna do some father-daughter shots." Sarah mentioned as Tim rushed off to go get my father. The two men came outside and over to my postion and smiled. "Lookin' good, Roxie Mae." Dad kissed my temple. "It's different." He noted. "I like it." He smirked. Sarah had already started to take photos of Dad and I conversing. "I don't like it." I stated lowly. "Why not?" He asked in reply. "It's different." I teased. "You look beautiful." My father corrected. "I like it." He gave me a reasurring smile and hug. "Cute." Sarah chimed from behind the lens. "Why don't you guys sit down over on the patio with a guitar or two?" Tim suggested. Dad and I went inside our house to grab our guitars real quick and brought them back outside onto the patio. We sat caddycorner from each other and began to play. Dad strummed out a few chords of nonsense and I picked up with him and finally recognized what song he was playing. "Give me love like her," I sang. "'Cause lately I've been waking up alone." I continued. "Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt," Dad joined in on a harmony. "Told you I'd let them go." I finished the first verse. "And that I'll find my corner," He took on the pre-chorus as I harmonized with him. "Maybe tonight, I'll call ya' after my blood turns into alcohol," We played on. "No, I just wanna hold ya'." Dad finished the pre-chorus. "Give a little time to me or burn this out," We switched off the melody again as I sang the chorus.

I loved playing with my Dad. This is how we bond. We finished playing as Sarah had gotten shots of us with our guitars on the patio couches. The crew applauded our impromptu performance while we smile at each other and then the camera. I was told to change out of my dress and into a new outfit for more photos inside the house.

Quickly, my look was changed from a dress to jeans and then I was placed in the main living room with the piano. I sat at the ivories and began to play another song. My body would never get tired of playing music. The music within me tickled out one of my Dad's older songs, Chains, I played as Sarah got more shots of me in my natural habitat. "With her wine stained lips, yeah she's nothing but trouble." I crooned. "Cold to the touch, but warm as the devil." I went on. "Gave her my heart, but she wanted my soul." My body flowed with lyrics and translated lyrics into notes and notes into chords on Dad's white baby grand. "And I don't wanna see no more." My Uncle's song from his previous solo career came out and created a mashup of his song and his brother's. "I don't wanna wait for you, I don't wanna wake up thinking, hoping, we'll get it right this time 'cause I know that you're so cold." I sang out. "It's like you're my mirror. My mirror's starin' back at me, starin' back at me." Vintage Timberlake appeared in the mix of things as I kept playing. "And all I keep seein' is your picture," I belted to the room. "You got me in chains, you got me in chains for your love and I wouldn't change, no I wouldn't change this love." I transitioned back into my father's melody. "You got me in chains, you got me in chains for your love and it's like you're my mirror. My mirror's starin' back at me, I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else beside of me." I crooned soulfully. "And it's clear as a promise that we're makin' two reflections into one and I don't wanna see no more." I mixed two songs back into three as I finished off the pop cocktail with what I started it with, my Dad's song. "You got me in chains, you got me in chains for your love. I wouldn't change, I wouldn't change this love. You got me in chains, chains, chains." I trailed with my piano mashup to its close. "Tryin'na break the chains but the chains only break me." I ended the impromptu mashup. The room fell silent as all eyes were on me. I looked around at everyone's gazes and flushed pale. "Phenonmenal." Tim broke through the silent air as Sarah gave me a warm smile. "Did anybody record that?" He asked the others. Dad grinned proudly. "The entire thing." My father held up his phone. "We're putting that on the website as an interview exclusive." Tim commented in a smile. "Definitely." Sarah agreed. "Alright, I need a couple more photos in this outfit and then you'll change." She mentioned to change the subject. I nodded and cracked my fingers free of tension. I moved over to the wall that separated the foyer from the living room and leaned against it. Sarah had gotten everyone to shoo out of her way as she managed to stand in the foyer and take more pictures of me. "Perfect." She praised. I folded my arms across my chest and leaned my body on the wall with a smile. "Wow, Roxie." She praised me again as she snapped more frames.

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