Beach and Camp (Chapter 3)

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"Wow nice Kyungsoo. We went here to camp outside your house" chen was disappointed
"C'mon guy. I said I'm sorry. I thought that our house keeper is here so I did not bring the keys"
"Aren't it exciting tho?" Suho trying to cheer up everyone
"Yea yea since we dont really have a choice, we travel for more than 4 hrs to get here" Chen said in a bad mood
"I'm sorry okay?" Kyungsoo repeated himself
"I think this is okay! This is fun camping and beach!" Kai enthusiastically said
"Yea I agree. And it is just 1 night and 2 days stay" Z hera agreed

The two look at each other and exchange smiles

"We have clear sky also so I also think that this is fine. Don't worry Chen" kimsohyun, who is a friend of Hera added
"Aigoo. What a cutie" Chanyeol tease So Hyun by pinching her cheeks

Then the 2 realize that they are close staring at each other and became awkward

"Oooh" the other guy cheers witnessing what happened

"Ya!" Chanyeol chase his friends who are teasing him

"Hmm. You two seems so close although it's your first meeting" Z hera went to sohyun side
"He's my childhood friend tho" sohyun said
"Really?! I didn't know!" Zhera
"Of course you won't." Sohyun laugh
"That was nice.. I also want to get along with everyone"
"You already are!" Sohyun cheer up Zhera
"Not everyone" Hera eyeing Baekhyun, who is having fun
"Oooh. Then try talking to him"
"I dont want to. He doesn't want me to"
"Well, your choice"

After they fixed their tents and things. They decided to go to the beach.

They have 5 girls (Hera, Sohyun, Jennie, Wendy, and Momo) + EXO

Everyone changed on their swimsuits.

"I told you guys. It is nice to bring girls" Chen said to his groups

They all nodded except Baekhyun and Kyungsoo

"Aren't them wearing too little?" Baekhyun ask

Everyone looks at him in disbelief

"I dont know if it is your first time to the beach Baekhyun. But that's how swimsuit supposed to be"
"Aish. You ruin the mood" Chanyeol tap Baekhyun shoulder
"Dont worry I'm also thinking that way" kyungsoo looking away
They went on their own businesses

Baekhyun stays under the umbrella. Looking at the guys having fun.. I mean. Looking at someone

"She will melt" someone said
Baekhyun looks on his side
"Idiot Chanyeol" he said

"What are you doing? Not gonna have some fun?" Chanyeol asked while opening a coke in can
He shake his head "I'm just thinking something"

"Oohh that's new. What about?" He asked
"It is weird if I dream of a girl? For a longest time I mean"
"Really? Who?" He said while sipping his coke
"Hera.. I mean even before we met I kept on dreaming something. I know it is her tho. But whenever I wake up, I will always forgot what is it about"
"OMO you're having your wet dreams?"
"Fvck you" Baekhyun jokingly reply
"Aaah so that's why your weird around her" Chanyeol finally understand what's going on

Silence filled the place

"So how is she? In your dreams I mean" Chanyeol curiously ask
"Pabo. I told you it is not we-"

"Do you mind if we seat?" Sohyun asked
"Sure! Sohyun come here!" Chanyeol motion his hand on his side
Sohyun sat on Chanyeol side

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