♡Ship|Part Two♡

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Note: The first part to this imagine is in my first installation of Moonwalk. I hope the imagine is okay!


Just as Michael pulled away from you, several pairs of footsteps could be heard approaching. After a moment, you saw several crewmen approaching - along with Anthony and Daniel.

Your eyes widened as the crewmen looked from Michael's position, to you.

"Get away from her!" Anthony rushed forward, only to be stopped by his father.

"What happened?!" Daniel frowned, looking at Michael. "And how dare you put your hands on my daughter-in-law!"

Michael sighed and stood up as Anthony walked up to drape a large blanket over me.

"The crewmen heard you screaming," Anthony spoke.

"It was nothing...really," you gulped. "Mr. Jackson, here...saved my life," you looked at Michael, blushing a bit as he bit his lip.

"What exactly happened?" Daniel raised an eyebrow at Michael. Michael opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off.

"I was...leaning over to see..the propellers," you cleared your throat. "And I slipped, but Michael saved my life - he almost went overboard himself,"

Daniel looked at me, a small chuckle emitting from him.

"Like I've said before, women and machinery do not mix,"

A small scoff left your lips before one of the crewmen spoke. "Well, Mr. Jackson is a hero then," he laughed. "Our apologies for the misunderstanding,"

Michael held his hand up, shaking his head. "It's okay," he remarked sarcastically. "It happens all the time,"

Anthony gave him one last look before turning around and grabbing your hand. Just as he was about to pull you away - Daniel cleared his throat.

"Perhaps a token of gratitude for Mr. Jackson?"

Michael chuckled and shook his head. "It's fine. I have a performance later this evening - perhaps you'd all like to attend,"

"We were just talking about that at dinner," Anthony commented before looking at Michael. "We'll see you there then,"


As you followed Anthony and Daniel into the performance area - your heart could not stop fluttering upon the thought of the kiss that you had shared with Michael.

You knew that Anthony would have been furious if he found out.

You all took seats at the front - nearest to the stage. The audience chatted mindlessly as they waited for the show to begin. Anthony turned to his father and began to make lousy conversation before the lights dimmed - indicating that the show was in commencement.

Suddenly, a tall and slender figure walked out to the very front of the stage. You smiled a little as the music started - making Michael exhibit a wide array of intricate dance moves.

As the concert continued, he eventually laid eyes on you - holding out his hand for you to take. You heard Anthony tell you no, but you took Michael's hand anyway.

Once he had lifted you up onto the stage - he pulled you closer and began to sing 'The Girl Is Mine,"

He led you through a series of wonderful moves before kissing the back of your hand.

You were never going to forget that beautiful moment.


Finally, the show had come to an end, and in no time - everyone was walking out of the performance area. Anthony gripped your hand tightly - practically dragging you out with him.

Once you had arrived at the suite that temporary belonged to you and your fiancè - Anthony pulled you in and slammed the door shut before turning around to face you.

Caught unaware, you felt a stinging pain across your right cheek - Anthony had just hit you. You scoffed and spat at him.

He growled and slapped you again - sending you to the floor.

"You are never to behave like that again!"

You held your injured cheek, backing away from him as best as you could. With that, he walked out of the suite and slammed the door shut behind him once again.

You sat there, completely shocked. After a moment, you stood up and straightened out your dress before wiping away your tears. With a sniffle, you walked out of the suite.


You had decided to take a long walk on the upper deck - the place where many people were visiting, just to get a glimpse of the beautiful ocean below.

The night sky was dark, yet beautiful. The stars shone wonderfully - and after several seconds, you saw a familiar figure leaning over the railing - observing the ocean.

With elegant footsteps, you made your way up to the figure.

Michael turned his head when he saw you, a smile creeping onto his face.

"I knew I'd run into you here," you laughed a bit as Michael shook his head. A long moment had passed before he inhaled sharply and straightened up.

"I want to show you something," he held his hand out for you to take. "Close your eyes,"

You did as told before you felt Michael helping you up onto the railing. Your heart began to beat a whole lot faster when you felt his chest touching your back.

He held your hands securely before spreading them out.

"Now open," he whispered. You opened your eyes and gasped. There was nothing but ocean ahead of you. Your position gave the impression that you were flying.

"Michael!" you laughed a little. "I'm flying...I'm flying!"

Michael chuckled before humming a soft tune into your ear. You smiled widely, enjoying the magical moment.

After a few seconds, you turned your head slightly. As you looked into his deep brown eyes - he leaned forward a little and kissed you.

The kiss was perfect, and you knew that if Anthony found out - he'd have had a fit.

But little did you know, that was the last time the ship would ever see the skies.

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