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This story was a request from hufflepuffturtle . Soooo sorry for procrastinating everyone! I will definitely update after this. Also, this story is a bit different-Legolas is the reader's brother. I hope everyone likes it.

A refreshing smile formed on your face as you breathed in the fresh air. You were lounging on a balcony in the kingdom of Mirkwood, and you were in a wonderful mood. It was only a month until you got married to the elf that captured your heart: Lindir. You grinned fondly as you remembered when you first met him in Rivendell when you went on a message trip. He was unlike any other elf you had ever met; he wasn't stuck up or too proud, he was gentle and sweet. He always made your heart dance every time you were around him.

"Y-Y/N...?" a gentle voice interrupted your deep, wandering thoughts. You rolled your eyes. It was your pesky brother again. Would he just leave me alone?!

"What is it now, Legolas?"

Legolas' lip twitched slightly at your tone, "I just needed to ask you, Y/N, are you sure that Lindir is the one for you? I mean I get that you really love him, but I... I just don't want anyone to hurt you. You deserve so much, and I don't want anyone to disappoint you."

You turned around and snapped, "Oh please, Legolas, this is literally the fifth time that you've said this!" Legolas' eyes rounded. He looked like an injured fawn. You almost felt sorry, but you knew that you had to keep you composure. Legolas placed his hand on your shoulder.

"But... I'm your brother," Legolas' voice faltered.

You sighed and then gazed at him with sympathy brimming in your eyes, "I understand, but you have to understand that I'm not an elf it anymore, Legolas. I'm old enough to make my own decisions." Legolas' eyebrows creased with defeat and he nodded slightly.

"You'll always be my sister though... Right Y/N?" Legolas earnestly glanced up at you.

You laughed lightly and nudged your brother with your elbow, "Of course I will."


I huffed as I walked through the kingdom of Mirkwood. I just couldn't get my conversation with Y/N off my mind. Maybe I wasn't hard enough on her? I'm just so afraid that she's being to careless with her heart and that she'll get it broken. I've been through so much pain in my life... I can't imagine seeing her heart broken. It'd kill me. Suddenly, in the bustling swarm of elves that walked by I picked out a face that I recognized all too well. Lindir. I scowled. He was visiting for awhile before the wedding. I need to talk to him while I have the chance. I need to make sure that his intentions are right. I started to approach him.

Lindir nervously smiled and bowed, "Prince Legolas! It is a pleasure to see-"

I grabbed his arm and gestured off to the side, "Come with me."

"Oh-uhhh okay."

I turned and glared at him, my eyes starving for the truth, "Lindir, the wedding is coming up soon, and-"

Lindir brightened up like a child receiving a present, "I know! I'm so excited... It will truly be the best day of my life. I just hope that it's everything that she wants it to be..." Lindir fidgeted with his hands. His innocent, brown eyes widened in anxiety. I sighed. Maybe he does mean well...

"Lindir... What made you fall in love with my sister?"

"Well," Lindir seemed hesitant at first, but then he started to form a gentle smile, "I had never seen an elleth like her before. She's sweet, compassionate, and very genuine. She always looks out for everyone, and she's always there to make me smile. I want to spend the rest of my life with her." Lindir shuffled his feet and looked away sheepishly. At that moment, I felt at peace. He really does love her. Maybe I have nothing to be worried about.

"Lindir I..."

"Lindir! Hey!" Y/N suddenly rushed in and embraced him, "How are you, my love?" Y/N's eyes were simply radiating with love. At first Lindir seemed caught off guard, but then he gave her the same exact look.

"I'm always doing wonderful when I'm with you," 

Y/N giggled, "Shall we go to the gardens then?" her fingers curled into his as she grasped his hand. Before Lindir could even respond, she started pulling him away. Lindir gave me a slightly apologetic look before he was yanked away.

My eyebrows raised as I realized that I was grinning.

A hand was placed on my shoulder.

I turned around and saw my father, "Father..."

He nodded, "My son." Was that a smile on his face? "Have you now realized the wisdom in your sister's choice?"

In the distance I heard the ringing laughter of Lindir and Y/N. In my heart I finally knew how I felt.

"I think I have, Father. I think I have."


Sorry, that was rather short. I hope you guys liked it though, for I have never written anything like this before. Thanks for reading, and don't for get to vote and comment!

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