Rules and Regulations

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The Alpha pulled me up the stairs this time while gripping my hand. He was more gentle than before as he pulled me into the living room and back towards the room I would be using.
I stumbled a bit trying to slow down but his grip was like iron as he pulled me up more stairs and up to my room.
He opened the door and pushed me inside before following me inside and shutting the door.
"You're not allowed down there anymore." He frowned while pointing directly at me.
I frowned back at him.
"Why not?"
"You think he's going to tell me why he attacked us with you stopping me from getting answers?"
"You would have killed him. At least change the shackles to iron so he'll be able to take the hits you give him."
His eyes flashed gold as he advanced on me.
"And why do you care about his life? He's a Rouge!"
"Does that matter? He has feelings, maybe you're numb to your conscious but I'm not."
I told him firmly, but I found myself backing away from him slowly as he got closer.
"I have been very courteous to him! Normally the torture techniques are much worse than that Little Mutt!"
"Stop calling me that. I have a name." I growled at him before he slammed a hand next to my head against the wall which was only a few inches behind me leaving me to be only meters away from the Alpha.
"Fine. What would that be?" He asked as if he didn't really care.
I paused not knowing if it was a good idea to actually give him my name. But I didn't want him calling me a mutt for much longer.
"My name is Moon."
He just stared at me in reaction, and after a few minutes I looked away and then back at him a bit awkwardly, What was so weird about my name?
"Your name is Moon." He clarified and I nodded.
He then pulled away from the wall and looked me up and down with folded arms.
"You don't look like a Moon." I gave him a dead panned expression before rolling my eyes at him.
"Get ready for dinner, it's in a few minutes." He told me simply before dropping his arms and opening my room door.
He then paused and looked back at me his eyes swirling between brown and gold.
"See you later, Moon."
Then he shut the door.
I don't know why, but just him saying my name like that sent shivers down my spine. Suddenly I preferred him calling me a mutt.

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