Chapter V

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As soon as Ty realised Kit was awake, he practically forced the headache tablets down his throat. It was a good idea though- Kit didn't even truly have the time to feel his hangover before they kicked in.
Lifting his phone, Kit looked at the reminder on the screen. He vaguely remembered setting it, but not he contents of his notes.
Before getting onto that disaster, he looked at the photo Dru sent him. His eyes went wide.

11:58 AM
Kit Kat: please tell me you didn't
send ty that

Ty was staring at the wall. He spoke, surprising Kit.
"I really don't know what came over me last night."
Kit's eyebrows furrowed.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm sorry for being so... well, clingy. Out of character. Whatever you want to call it."
"Ty, you don't need to apologise. You didn't do anything embarrassing or rude."
"Did you prefer me that way? I think i might have been normal, not that i remember much."
Kit stared at Ty like he had just grown an additional 4 heads.
"No. No. No, No. I like you how you are Ty. You're my best friend just the way you are."
Kit surprised an involuntary wince at the words 'best friend.' If he had not have known better, he would have thought Ty appeared to do that same. Of course, Kit had to have simply misread his facial expression. Easy mistake to make. Ty was gay but he wanted Kit to be his Parabatai, did he not? So Kit had to have misread that. He shrugged it off, and opened his notes.
"Ty, oh my god. Look at this."
"What is it?"
"I made notes to help me remember last night, whilst i was drunk."
Ty looked over his shoulder, scanning through the words, with one eyebrow raised.
"Christopher, this looks like a demonic language- not English."
Kit made a strangled noise in response. Although, he was proud of Ty and how he was able to tease Kit, and even be sarcastic. Whilst it may seem normal, Ty used to struggle with it.
"I tried my best, Tiberius. It's pretty difficult to type when you're sitting blackout drunk in an alleyway, vomiting up raw vodka."
Ty's eyes widened.
"Is that where you went? There was a bathroom beside the bar."
"I'm surprised you remember me leaving at all. I know I don't."
"We were having an argument on whether or not a dagger is more practical than a misericord. Then you just stood up and disappeared. I ordered myself six shots of some from of warlock-made tequila and that's as far as i remember."
"That was your second time drinking. Ever. Why did you- nevermind, how did you do that?"
"I thought I said something to offend you, and that's why you left."
Ty stared at the floor.
"No, no, no. You wouldn't have. I'm not that passionate about misericords, even whilst drunk."
Ty rolled his eyes, looking back up at Kit.
"But a dagger is genuinely more practical, they're easier concealed. And when fighting in close proximity-"
Kit rolled his eyes, jokingly.
"Oh, so that's why you held one to my throat in the basement of my own house."
Ty groaned, but laughed.
"That was business, we've been over it."
"Ty it hurt my ego."
"I didn't know that was possible. Maybe i should try it again."
"NO! Well, I mean, actually I'm a trained Shadowhunter now. So I could definitely take you in a-"
"I have more experience. And I'm taller than you."
"We'll see about that, Blackthorn. See you in the training room later?"
"Oh, it's on, Herondale."
"I do really feel disgusting," Kit mused, "Like the type of disgusting I'd feel if i fucked Paige Ashdown. Or Zara Dearborn."
"They're both girls. Do you expect me to know what you mean?"
"It's like post-drinking regret. Only I feel like it's physically coated my body in a layer of disgustingness. I'm going to shower."
"Breakfast in 15 minutes, then?"
"You know me well."
Kit wiggled his fingers and backed out of the room, closing the door so Ty could shower and get dressed.

Ty threw himself back into his bed, and closed his eyes. His sheets smelled like Kit. It was comforting. Reassuring. Safe.
They had shared a bed so many times over the past two years. But now it felt different to Ty, and he hoped it did to Kit too. It felt more intimate, rather than comfort. Ty had never noticed what Kit smelled like before. Cigarettes, mint and the ocean. To Ty, it smelled like home.

Something clicked in his head. This is something Livvy and Julian had told him about and described. A 'crush.'
God, he was glad Kit rejected the Parabatai request now.

Ty finally stood up and looked at the clock on his wall. Nine minutes left to get ready. That means 5 minutes showering, 4 minutes dressing, Ty worked out.
Better get to it then.


For quite possibly the first time in history, Kit had made it downstairs before Ty. Thankfully, Julian was not here to look at the dark circles under Kit's eyes in disappointment- they appeared to be getting worse no matter how much he tried to sleep. Emphasis on tried, as nightmares kept him awake most nights.
Instead, Cristina stepped in as a substitute Julian.
"Kit, did you sleep at all last night?"
"Yeah, from when we got home to about half an hour ago. Why?"
"You don't look it."
"You can ask Ty."
"Were you sleeping in my brothers room again?" Mark chimed in.
"I think he asked me to. I literally don't remember."
"I think I did, yeah," Ty clarified, walking into the kitchen and immediately squinting at the light from the windows.
"Okay, Kit we need to talk about boundaries and not taking advantage of my brother-"
"MARK," Cristina interrupted.
Both Kit and Ty had turned bright red, and were staring at each other.
Ty was the first to stutter out a response.
"M-Mark, we just slept in the same bed together. It's a queen-sized bed. N-Nothing happened."
"So you slept apart?" Mark asked, eyebrow raised.
"Yeah," Kit said, quickly.
"Well, you certainly weren't sleeping on different sides of the bed," came Dru's voice from the doorway, "But I can confirm that nothing sexual happened, as my bedroom is next door to Ty's and these drunk idiots would definitely forget a silencing rune."
Kit and Ty spoke simultaneously. The words "Thanks Dru," and "Fuck you Dru," mixing together in the quietness of the room.

The sound of the Institute's front door opening brought the attention of the five Shadowhunters away from this awkward conversation. Tavvy ran into the kitchen and jumped on Ty, almost knocking him off the breakfast bar stool he sat on, followed by Helen and Aline.
"By the Angel, you all look like death itself. Especially you Kit." Aline noted.
"Thanks. That's a really welcome boost to my non-existent self-esteem," Kit sighed.
Helen rolled her eyes.
"I received a fire message this morning from Catarina Loss, she said she heard about some sightings of mantid demons in various parts of LA last night."
Kit tensed. Ty stopped messing around with Tavvy, staring at Kit, leading to everyone else in the room so stare at Kit.
Cristina broke the silence after a few moments.
"Kit, are those the type that-"
Kit cut her off with a sharp "Yeah," before turning to Helen.
"I'm up for this."
Helen nodded.
"A few were spotted underneath the Santa Monica pier, which the two of us sorted before coming here," Aline stated. "A lot more, maybe 20 at least, were found by two teenage werewolves walking past an abandoned housing estate in the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately, one of the kids was killed. We'll gear up after dinner and head there. I'll ask Alec and Magnus if they can take care of Tavvy for the night."
Everyone nodded.
Kit practically ran out of the room.
Everyone now turned to Ty, who looked uncomfortable.
"Uh, training room I'd say. I'll give him a minute and then follow."
Cristina stared at him even harder.
Ty stood up.
"Actually, I'll go now."

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