Meet Layla Hunt. 18 year old girl with a dream. Layla's black wavy hair, blue eyes and olive skin are significant features to her. Best friend Sam Mikulak is in love with Layla but she dosent know it yet. Layla has always fancied Tom Daley. When Layla gets accepted onto the US field hockey team she is more than estatic. Sam has always told her it was coming but she never really thought of it. When Sam is accepted onto the Gymnastics team, Layla and Sam are so happy that their going with eachother! But later, Layla finds herself talking to determined swimmer Ryan Lochte. Again, Layla is blinded by Ryan's feelings towards her. When the day of the Olympics arrives and their in London, Layla meets lifetime crush Tom Daley. Tom soon falls for Layla and is confused to why she dosent talk to him like she used to throughout those two weeks. But here's Layla's story.  

----------4 years ago------- 

Layla's P.O.V 

"MOM!!" I shouted from the kitchen as my mom rushed down the stairs. "What is it Layla?" she asked only in her robe. "I GOT ACCEPTED ONTO THE FIELD HOCKEY TEAM FOR THE OLYMPICS!" I screamed and he face lit up. "Oh my gosh Layla I'm so proud of you!" she said coming closer to give me a hug. "Woa Mom go put on some clothes first!" I said and she went to go an change. I quickly called Sam and he picked up. (A/N: L- Layla, S-Sam) 

L: Hey Sam! 

S: Hey Layla, I have amazing news! 

L: So do I! You go first 


L: SAM THATS GREAT! Guess what? 

S: What??? 


S: YOU DID! Meet me at my house 

L: K bye! 

And with that I hung up and met Sam at his house. His house is in back of mine so I walked through my back gate and into his backyard. Soon enough me and Sam were talking about how we're excited for these games. He rolled his eyes when I brought up Tom Daley. "Sam come on he's so hot!" I said and he laughed. "Whatever Layla, it's not like he's magically going to fall in love with you" he said and playfully punched my arm. "I know but just breathing the same air as him would be amazing" I said and looked at Sam. We smiled at eachother, and started laughing so hard I was on his bedroom floor, clutching my stomach. We soon calmed down a bit and continued to talk. I can't believe I'm going to the Olympics with my best friend. This is going to be great.  I would start training for the London Olympics soon with the rest of the team. My lifelong dream was coming true. Vigorus training would start soon. Olympics please come faster.


Layla's P.O.V 

"Sam don't touch me" I said while my best friend poked my face while I was listening to Justin Bieber, One Direction and a whole lot more be blasted through my Beats. He chuckled and continued to annoy me. "Hey Layla wanna come sit over here?" I heard Destinee ask. "Nah I'm fine, Sam's just being annoying" I said and she smiled. "Just let me know if you wanna before the plane takes off" I nodded and continued to listen to my music. Sam continued to talk and do different things to annoy me but my eyes kept on meeting a guys eyes. He was staring at me and I blushed a little and continued to talk to Sam. At some times i just pretended to sleep but I was actually thinking. After all those long hours of practicing, it was all about to pay off.

--------Day of Opening Ceremony------ 

I was walking around, preparing to go on with Team USA. Turns out the guys name is Ryan Lochte and is a swimmer. Sam eventually let me go on about Tom Daley and everything I would do if I saw him. He smiled at me and rolled his eyes. I was walking around outside the arena with the rest of the team when someone bumped into me. "Oh I'm so sorry" I heard a boy with a cute accent say. I looked at Sam who was giving me the thumbs up. Oh my god Tom Daley is behind me. I turned around to see my all time love right I front of me. "Oh uh it's ok" I said and he gave me the cutest smile ever. "I'm Tom, Tom Daley" he said and stuck out his hand. I am so screaming on the inside but trying to keep calm. "Hi, I'm Layla Hunt" I said and shook his hand. His hand is so soft oh my gosh. I had to bite my lip to keep me from screaming. He smiled at me and I blushed. "You know if you want a picture you can have one" he said and I almost responded to quickly. "YES OH MY GOSH!" I yelled and I covered my mouth. He laughed and gave me another smile. He's so smiley. "Ha alright where's your camera.. Layla?" he asked and I nodded and took out my camera. I felt his perfect eyes scanning every inch of my body and I bit my lip harder. I soon got my picture with Tom and we talked for alittle while longer. "Layla we gotta go!" I heard Sam yell. "Alright Sam calm down" I then turned to Tom. "Nice meeting you but I have to run!" I said and he slipped something into my blazer pocket. "Nice meeting you too Layla, maybe we can meet up sometime" I smiled and nodded before I was ripped away and placed on Sam's shoulders while one of my friends on the field hockey team, Hannah, was placed on Jake Dalton's shoulders as we walked in, waving flags high and smiling and waving. This was the best night. EVER. 

Tom's P.O.V 

Wow this was amazing. Being at the 30 Olympiad. Only if dad was here. I sighed and smiled as Laylas image ran through my head. She seemed really excited to see me and was so bubbly. She made me smile a lot. Her wavy black hair, piercing blue eyes. Just gorgeous. Of course I have to get to know her better, but she seemed so open and nice. As we walked out the announcer said "GREAT BRITAIN" and we walked in smiling and waving our flags.  

Layla's P.O.V 

I saw Tom walk out. Such gorgeous features he has. I was soon drawn back into reality by Sam poking me in the ribs. I gave him a 'what-the-hell-was-that-for' look and he grinned as he pointed up and we watched the fireworks go off. I gaped my mouth open as me and Sam watched them shoot off. I finally decided to pull out the paper Tom had given me. It's his number. I HAVE TOM DALEYS NUMBER. Sam looked over at me and his gorgeous eyes were filled with, anger? Why is he mad? "Sam what's wrong?" I asked and he shrugged. Sam can be difficult but eventually comes around and doesn't stay mad for too long. He's a really good sport. I patted his arm and I turned to see Ryan staring right at me.  

Ryan's P.O.V 

I couldn't stop staring at her. She's so gorgeous. Her black wavy hair, ice cold blue eyes, defined jawline. Stunning. She turned to see me staring right at her and blushed. I smiled and blushed as she waved. I waved back and she went back to putting her arm around a gymnast. I think his name is Sam. Wait are they dating? Weird because it dosent seem like she likes him. She then started walking towards me. Oh dear god. "Hey Ryan" she said with a warm smile then looking back up at the sky. "Hey Layla, liking the fireworks?" I asked and she nodded. "So I hear that your planning on getting gold" she said and nudged me. I nodded and we talked about our hopes in these games. Shes actually a really easy person to talk too.  

Layla's P.O.V

Ryan's a really nice person and he's fun to talk to. He told me that he skateboards and owns alot of shoes. I laughed at the fact that he has more shoes than me. I soon walked back to Sam and we continued on with the night. The opening ceremony came to a close after Paul McCartney preformed. I then took out my phone and put in Tom's number. The whole stadium errupted in cheers when Paul ended singing. I clapped and cheered on with everyone and the night came to an end. My phone then buzzed. A picture of Tom popped up and it read 'Tom Daley <333'. I looked around only to find Tom staring at me and pointing to his phone. I rolled my eyes and laughed as I opened the text.

From: Tom Daley <333

Hey Layla, wanna come to the diving event?

I looked at Tom who was smiling and blushing? OMG I MADE TOM DALEY BLUSH. I laughed and replied.

To: Tom Daley <333

Yea sure id love too!

I dont think Tom saw me looking at him, but he mouthed 'YES!' and put away his phone. I smiled as we exited the arena. This night was truly the best night of my life.


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