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Odin was on his throne, having been just informed of a possible war, when Thor strode through the giant door. His blue eyes were wide, obviously shaken by something. The thunder God knelt before the Allfather.

"What is wrong, my son?"

"Th, there," The blond cleared his throat and took a deep breath, "There is no need to worry about a War, Father."

The King of Asgard rose an eyebrow and the same time Frigga entered to stand by her husband, "Why, Thor?" She questioned.

Something had scared the crap out of their son and they wanted to know what the Hel had happened.

"Lady Persephone and Lady Sif faced the approaching army alone and when I finally arrived...the troops...were decimated..."

The King and Queen were taken aback.

"I asked my wife how and she said something about it being that time of the month, that she and Lady Sif had synced up and that they needed to let off some steam."

Odin realized what he meant and what had happened. Slowly the Allfather looked to Frigga, who snorted.

She was struggling to keep in her laughter, and instead left the room with a smug look on her face.

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