Jet Part 3

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When I opened my eyes, Sokka was gone and aang and katara were up. I rubbed my eyes and sat up against the wall. "What time is it?" I yawned. "Time for you to get up." Katara answered and I rolled my eyes.

We left the room and made our way through the maze of wood until we found food. "It's not much but it's good." Someone said, handing me some fruit and nuts. After shoving it into my mouth, I looked around. "Hey Aang, you wanna explore this place?" I asked and he nodded as he stuffed his mouth with the food. "You bet!" he mumbled and together we took off, leaving katara to talk and wonder by herself.

We raced around the place, everyone stopping and staring to see us run like the wind and fly into the air. A couple gasped and screamed as we rushed past them, and a lot asked if they could join in. A girl about my age stared at me with a smile. "You're an air bender!" she said. "Can you lift me into the air?" I turned to Aang, who was talking to his own mini fan club, so I shrugged my shoulders and lowered my hands. "OK, one, two, three!" I pushed air underneath her feet and managed to keep control while lifting her higher. A crowd started to form and one daring boy ran underneath her. The weight was slowly getting to me but it didn't stop me as more people ran underneath.

"Woah!" Aang exclaimed. "That's so cool!" He walked over and stood directly underneath the girl. "You're an air bender too!" Someone cried, pointing to Aang. "Lift me!"
"No me!"
"Pick me, pick me!" I lowered the girl I was holding and my arms felt like jelly. "Go on, Aang." I said, motioning to the crowd.

He pointed to a boy that looked around nine and beckoned him forward. "OK." Aang said, preparing himself. "One, two, three!" he tried to pull his arms up and lift but he struggled, and only managed to get him a couple inches off the ground. It slowly grew to about a feet until he gave up and let go. "How..." He panted, out of breath and a little sweaty. I shrugged. It really wasn't that hard for me.

We played for a little longer (Most came to me so I could lift them into the air,) before going back and meeting Sokka and the others from their mission. "is Jet back?" Katara asked as Sokka sat down with his bank against a tree. "Yes, but we're leaving." he said and both Aang and kataras face fell. "What?"
"But I made him this hat!" Katara held up an acorn like hat that looked like it would fall a part any minute. "Your boyfriend's a thug!" Sokka cried, standing up and walking forward to katara. "He's messed up!"
"He's not messed up!" Katara defended. "Yeah," Aang joined in, "he just has a different way of looking at life... A really fun way." his gaze slowly drifted back to the zip lines. "He beat up and robbed a harmless old man!" Sokka exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air. "I want to hear jet's side of the story!" Katara demanded and we all started walking to find Jet.

He was in a lantern-lit hut and lying down on a comfortable hammock. Sokka stood grumpily off to the side trying to get as far away from jet as possible. "Hang on." jet said after katara explained it to him. "Sokka, you told them everything but the fact that he was fire nation?"

Maybe Sokka was just overreacting, and taking his hatred for Jet too far. "He conveniently left that part out." Katara said, glaring daggers at Sokka. "Fine! But even if he was fire nation, he was a harmless civilian." now I didn't know what to think. Perhaps Sokka was right? "He was an assassin." jet pulled out a knife and threw it on the floor, tip down. The blade was curved and had four spikes evenly spaced out along the grip. There was also a ring at the bottom, which jet pulled out to reveal a small bottle of thick red liquid. "This is the hidden compartment for poison."

"I didn't see a knife." Sokka said, stepping closer to have a look. "He was hiding it, Sokka." Jet implored. "I knew there was more to it." Katara said, snapping her fingers. "There was no knife!" Sokka cried and stormed out of the hut. It didn't look like anyone would follow him, so I did, leaving the other three to talk alone.

"Wait! Sokka!" I called, running up to him. "why are you here, Anaya?" he asked, not looking down at me and still walking. "You obviously think jet is super cool and brave too." I sighed and took his arm, forcing him to stop. "Are you one hundred percent sure that there wasn't a knife?" I asked and he hesitated before nodding. "He was an old man without a knife.".

We headed back to the room and started packing. Sokka wouldn't lie about something like this, maybe we really couldn't trust Jet. Just as we finished, Katara and Aang bursted through. "the fire nation is going to burn down the forest!" she cried. "We can't leave now!" Sokka shook his head and hoisted the pack over his shoulder. "Jet's smooth but we can't trust him, I'm sorry katara but we're leaving."
"You know what?" Katara said, raising her voice. "I think you're jealous of jet. He's a better warrior and leader!"
"I'm not jealous of your boyfriend!" Sokka cried. "Guys, let's just calm down." I tried but they ignored me and carried on arguing. "Look, my instincts are telling me-"
"Well my instincts are saying we should stay and help Jet take out the Fire nation. Come on Aang."

Katara marched out and Aang followed behind her. "Sorry, Sokka." he said as he turned to leave. "Wait, Aang." I said, jogging over to him. Jet was Aang's first shot to really hit the fire nation, I could tell that he really wanted to believe that Jet was a good guy. "I'm not going to stop you from helping Jet, but can you just watch out for him, Sokka wouldn't joke about this sort of stuff." He gave a small nod, before leaving to follow katara.

Sokka chucked his pack down on the floor and leaned against it, taking a deep breath and a loud sigh. "you OK?" I asked, taking a seat next to him. "Why don't they believe me? Jet isn't the good guy." I shrugged. "Jet just has a different way of looking at things. He believes that any price is a good price for stopping the FN. They rustled up an old man because there was a chance he was an assassin."

Sokka laughed. "You sound so wise." He smiled and I stood up. "Are you suggesting that I'm not always wise?" I jokingly accused. "Wise people don't take naps randomly through out the day."
"I was meditating!" I cried but he gave a sarcastic nod. "Riiigggghhht." there was silence until Sokka cleared his throat. "You know, when we first found you, Katara and I were having second thoughts. We thought you could be a spy or something."
"Me? A spy? I don't think I would last five seconds keeping a secret like that." I laughed.

We carried on talking until I heard Jet's voice carried through the wind. "wait." I said, holding my hand out. Sokka grew quiet as I listened.

"Come on, we need the jelly in place before I go back to katara and Aang." I turned to Sokka and felt my face go a little pale. "Jet's planning to blow something up." I said, standing up and leaving the hut to follow the voices. "Hey, wait for me!" sokka cried as he ran behind me.

Jet and his freedom fighters were lowering a large wagon of blasting jelly down to the ground. Sokka and I stealthily followed and hid behind a tree when they stopped near the dam. "OK, you are not to blow the dam until I give you the signal. If it isn't full with water, the fire nation troops might survive."
"But what about the villagers, won't they be wiped out too." we saw Duke say and jet placed a hand on his shoulder. "That's the price we have to pay to get rid of all the Fire nation." he turned to long shot. "wait for my signal." longshot nodded and jet left, probably to find Aang and Katara.

Sokka and I looked at eachother and turned in unison to find them before Jet did, but as we looked behind us, smellerbee had a knife pointed at us. "Uh oh." I muttered as I raised my hands and I saw Sokka doing the same. Just great.

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