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  Luna Rovia is a shy, 15-year-old girl. She has smooth caramel colored skin, with very curly light brown hair, and bright green eyes. She spends most of her time in the back of a classroom, caring for her little brother, or reading. She doesn't have many good friends at school, but people aren't mean to her. She's very pretty, but doesn't believe that to be so. Little does she know, almost every guy prays for her to speak to them, and almost every girl wants to be her friend. Instead of heading to the cafeteria during lunch, she simply takes her food to the library, seeing as she thinks she doesn't have a place to sit. Luna always sits in the farthest corner, with a new book almost every day. She goes through her day like anyone else would, until classes are over. After school, she walks to the elementary that is about a block away, to pick up her brother. Her day brightens when she sees him playing with his friends, smiling and laughing, without a care in the world. After she picks him up, they walk the short distance to their house. It's not really a house, it's closer to a mansion. She unlocks the front door, and goes right inside. There is never the need for her to announce her arrival, because no one is ever home. Luna supposedly lives with her mother, but she is never really around. It was almost always just Luna and her little brother, Jason. If her mother did come home earlier than eleven o'clock or midnight, Luna would not speak to her much. She merely nods to say she noticed her mother's entrance, and maybe every once in a while Luna would bid her goodnight.

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