19. Ride

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Okay so this chapter is basically just pure smut. I couldn't resist! Enjoy...

I wake up the next morning to Luca moaning quietly. My back is to him so I turn around. He's asleep, but his hips are pulsing up and down and he has an obvious erection. Damn, I would love to know what this dude dreams about...

It does give me an idea though. I'm sleeping in one of his oversized t-shirts and nothing else, so I sit up and pull that off. He's completely naked, and I place my knees on either side of his hips. I push all of my long hair onto one shoulder, trying to look as sexy as possible.

Slowly and quietly, I begin to lower myself down on top of him. I can feel every line and ridge on his member sliding into me, including the slight bend upward that I love so much. I'm trying to play cool, but it takes my breath away when I finally am done descending. When he is in me completely, I fill so satiated, like he just filled a void inside me, meant only for him. I begin rocking my hips.

I'm watching his face go from confusion to clarity all before he even opens his eyes. Once he realizes what is happening, though, his eyes pop open and he doesn't hesitate to grab my hips and start guiding me up and down his shaft. We moan simultaneously.

He slowly starts moving his hands towards my breasts, but I stop him. I grab his hands and push them down on the bed, above his head. His eyes light up while he watches me move back and forth above him, still not letting him move his hands.

I look down to see our bodies moving perfectly in sync. I'm pushing down on him at the same moment he is thrusting his hips towards me. I see him staring at my breasts, mere inches from his face. I lower myself slightly so he can reach one with his mouth. He begins sucking and rubbing my nipple with his tongue; I stop pulsing and begin rocking my hips again, so he can continue.

The ecstasy makes me lose my train of thought, and I release his hands. One automatically begins palming my other breast while the other reaches between us to start rubbing my clit.

My orgasm comes out of nowhere, fast and furious. I sit up and can feel myself clenching around him as I start pounding up and down again. I'm feeling another wave of pleasure approaching quickly when Luca speaks for the first time. "Shell! You have to stop."

"No. I'm never stopping," I pant, nonsensically.

"I'm not wearing anything!" Okay...that stops me. I had completely forgotten about protection in my excitement to surprise him. I bite my lip, not sure what to do—not sure what I should do.

Luca places his hands on back and seemlessly flips us over, never breaking our physical connection. He begins thrusting again, but only a few times before he removes himself, shakily.

He climaxes on my abdomen and chest, while pumping himself. He lets out a deep breath and collapses next to me. We lie on our backs side-to-side, panting.

After a moment, he hops up, suddenly invigorated. He is completely nude but opens the bedroom door and starts walking down the hallway, unembarrassed. He returns shortly after with a bath towel. He walks over to my side of the bed and tenderly cleans off my body. "I'm sorry, Shell."

"Why? I'm the one who started it, I should be sorry, but I'm not." I look up at him, smirking. He leans down and kisses me deeply. It is wonderful. I place my hands in his hair and start pumping my hips again. How am I still horny?!?

He backs away just barely, and I glance at the digital clock on the wall behind him. "Shit! Is your clock right?"

He whips his head around. "Yeah, I think so. Wh—?"

I jump up, push him out of my way and immediately start looking for my clothes. "I have to be at work in thirty minutes!" And now I have to go home to shower because I was just sprayed all over with semen, not that that wasn't hot...

I give Luca a quick peck before running out the door. "I'll see you after work."

"I can't wait."

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