Dark Prelude, Moonsongs Episode 3

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Note from the author:

This is the final episode of the first season of Moonsongs. Episodes 1 (Blood Fugue) & 2 (Witch's Nocturne) are also available here on Wattpad. I recommend you read those first. Season 2, episodes 4 & 5, are available on Amazon for .99 each: http://www.amazon.com/E.J.-Wesley/e/B009GI10B0/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Wattpad is the ONLY place you can find Dark Prelude for free. Just because y'all rock. :)

This is one of my favorite stories in the series so far! Jenny is tested both physically and emotionally in ways I didn't even see coming. (And I write the darn things!) She faces the most fearcome monster yet, and worse, a decision that could forever alter her relationship with her bff, Marshal.

This one gets tense in a hurry, so maybe read with the lights on. Happy reading!



Dark Prelude

The past never seemed to stay where I left it. Like an old, haggard stray cat, memories had a way of sticking around. And the less desirable they were, the more they stuck.

Take my dead grandfather for example. The first time he disappeared from my life I was learning my numbers and barely tying my own shoes. That version of the man had been a little girl’s best friend and a living family heirloom. When he was gone, I’d been left with a broken heart and a handful of fond memories. The second time he exited—a few months ago—I’d been old enough to buy my own beer and stay up all night playing video games without fear of an ass chewing. That man had been a scary and mysterious stranger. He’d brought me tidings of my hidden family legacy of hunting monsters, and a newfound connection with my Apache ancestors via an ancient tribal journal. He departed yet again, but this time my heart remained mostly intact, and the memories were more of the terrifying sort.

Both versions of my grandfather fought in my mind as I drove my oversized, black pickup truck through our dusty Texas town, Center Pointe. I was heading to visit my best friend, Marshal, who would hopefully distract me from my thoughts.

Maybe he’d also help me figure out why my paranormal investigation business had been so slow lately. Nothing weird had happened in weeks, making me think the freaks of the world were on holiday. I supposed a single werewolf and a few witches were the extent of the supernatural goings on in the world, but the increasingly large pit of worry in my gut said otherwise.

In less than a minute, I’d driven through the small, mismatched collection of steel and brick buildings we called a downtown. A few more blocks, and I’d reached the far end of town. I spotted Bill Swartz, our local constable, sitting in his squad car. My jaw clinched tight enough to make my teeth hurt.

Bill graduated a few years ahead of me. He’d joined the Army Reserve right out of high school. Shortly thereafter, he’d been injured fighting in Afghanistan, and subsequently discharged from service. He returned home a hero, and did what any former Center Pointe football star would do. He became a cop, so he could harass the same folks he’d spent his entire youth bullying.

The blue lights on the squad car flashed to life the instant I drove past.


Normally, when police lights came on, I’d take a quick look around to see who they were after. This time, there was no need. I was the only vehicle on the road within a four-block radius, and this was Bill. I slowed and pulled off to the side of the street, making sure to drive up on the curb before coming to a stop.

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