Ch8: Time to Catch a Spider

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Public Menace Still in Hiding After the Destruction at Coney Island.

Public menace, might not be what the citizens might call him but it definitely suited him better. It sure was what he was for Gargan. That menace had landed him in prison. Mac crumbled the newspaper in his hands, tired of having the Spider-man on every single newspaper. He climbed of the stair steps and made his way over to the lab area where Mason limited himself.

"How's that project of yours coming along," Mac asked Mason, who was tinkering with some, what appeared to be a sharp double blade.

"Great. At this rate, it should be ready to be attached to the suit by tomorrow." Mason informed without looking up from his work.

"What do you mean? The suit isn't ready yet? You said it would be ready by the end of the day. You've had a whole month to complete it!" Mason sat up backing up a bit from Gargan.

"It would have been done by today, but we had to put everything on hold to help the King Pin's men break you out of prison. That whole stunt put our production back." Schultz approached Gargan with a scowl. Francis, Kingpin's right-hand man had planned the whole prison break. They mason had engineered weapons for the task and, more or less, it had gone without a hitch. The helicopter, with no distinguishable marks, had taken them to an abandoned, for rent warehouse. From there, they were picked up by more of Kingpin's men and taken to their hideout. Schultz didn't know how Gargan had gotten the Kingpin to help him break out but he knew that he was seriously in debuted to him. That's probably what Kingpin wanted; for Gargan to be indebted to him so he could collect that favor later.

Gargan pulled back, "Look," He said with a smirking smile. "You can understand. I've been waiting for months to get back at that Spider. I'm getting a little anxious."

"Then what's one more day," Schultz shrugged. "You can take a walk outside if you are anxious." Schultz took nothing from Gargan, not allowing him to think he was better than them just because he had the assistance of Fisk and his man. The tension between the two men was heavy as they glared at each other.

Phineas found himself clearing his throat to break them from their death glares, fearing that they could break out into a fight if he didn't interrupt. Both Shultz and Gargan turned to look at Phineas. "I just wanted to let you both know that I finished the other assignment you had me look into, you know the location," He directed the last part to Shultz. "Well, I pinpointed Spider-Man's most sighted location."

"You did?" Gargan was pleasantly shocked.

"Yeah according to my research. His most spotted location is in Queens. He travels through most of New York but Queens seems to be his favorite." Phineas hands Shultz the tablet with all the videos and articles.

"Or his place of residence," Schultz said grinning down at the tablet. "Good job Phineas. How did you get all this info?"

"Tumblr." Once that word left his mouth both Schultz and Gargan stared at him in complete disbelief. "It's actually the place to look if you want to find out something about a superhero or celebrity. Takes the work out of having to do it yourself when millions of teenage girls do the research for you," He explained.

"Right," Gargan attempted to change the subject back to Spiderman. "As long as this is solid evidence. I'm now one step closer to get back for what he did to me and your boss Toomes."

"Know all we have to do is lure him out," Phineas said.

"Trust me that will be no problem with the little suit you're wiping up," Gargan Smiled, turning to face the suit stood up in the middle of the warehouse. It was completely assembled except for a part of it that Phineas was still working on. It was dark green in coloring and would be able to tower over the Spider-man. It was made out of reinforced steel and contained weapons that could easily take out Spiderman once and for all.   


Short but I wanted to get it out. Ch10 is my milestone. Be ready for it.

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