"Hime-sama it was you who saved me, thank you very much!!" Say Hayato, bowing his head at 90 degrees, Tsuna smiled faintly before coughing. 

"Hime-sama? Hayato it's her you chose to follow? Do you know she's part of the Armonia Famiglia?" Asks Reborn, before answering Hayato was interrupted by a chuckle of Tsuna.

"Hayato please can you get my medicine in my bag and join us in the President's office, Reborn-san and I must discuss something." Ask Tsuna with a pale face.

This one worried for her, leaves directly that Tsuna ordered to him. Reborn lowers his fedora with a threatening aura not liking to be ignored, Tsuna smiles at him calmly. "I don't forget you Reborn-san, we'll talk but not here it's better with Giotto-san and the others isn't it?" Tsuna simply declares before leaving for the office.

Arriving at the office they are greeted by Giotto, Asari and G. Worried about Tsuna's pallor, Giotto helps her to sit on the sofa and asks her if there is anything he can do, Tsuna just asks him for a glass of water. Hayato suddenly emerges and heads to Tsuna holding a bottle of pills ignoring the protests of his brother, after G requires explanation. Hayato and Reborn tell them what happened, while Tsuna is taking her medicine, disappointment and rage are read on their faces, G approached Tsuna and he bowed his head. 

"Thank you so much for saving my little brother!" He said under the eye of his embarrassed brother. "your big brother really likes you..." Tsuna says with a huge smile but Reborn cut them off, Tsuna nodded. The other confused minus Hayato looks at Tsuna and then Reborn. 

"I wish I had enjoyed a little more of a normal life but I can't run away from my lineage." She pouts at Reborn. Giotto thoughtfully guesses commented. 

"If you knew that Hayato uses dynamites, that means you're part of the Mafia? And how did you meet?" He asks, Tsuna smiles at him then nods. 

"I am the Donna of the Armonia Famiglia, I also know that Giotto-san is the future Vongola Decimo. And I met Hayato in Italy a year ago when Hayato was being attacked by other mafiosos, I saved and cared for him and after this we became friends." She explained slowly. Asari and G are shocked that someone like her belongs to the Mafia, on the other hand Giotto seems sad and disappointed thinking that Tsuna come closer to him because he is the future Decimo. 

Tsuna seeing what he was thinking slowly approached Giotto and took his hands who starting to blush violently. "Giotto-san I haven't come close to you because you are Decimo but I wanted to be friends with you and your friends, can you forgive me?" Tsuna asks smiling serenely with puppy eyes. 

(Me: Tsuna you press too much on the flirt button / Tsuna: I can't see what are you talking *press the FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT button* / Me:... * sigh *).

 Giotto, who was red, did not know what to say until Reborn hit him. "Baka-Ie answers when we ask you a question." Giotto regained his mind and nod to the great amusement of his friends, Reborn and Hayato. 

Tsuna with his impassive face was one of her fantasy. 

"Gio-nii you're too cute if we were not brother and sister * sigh * "

"Thank you very much!! Everyone, you will be late in class if you don't go now and Hayato the next class we have is EPS told the teacher that I would not go to his class because I feel ill and don't get late." She said with a huge smile with flowers and sunshine around her in the background. 

"Giotto, G she's right, let's not be late!" Say Asari

" Hai Hime-sama! "Exclaim Hayato bowing before leaving.

After the four had gone to their class leaving Reborn and Tsuna alone, both looked at each other carefully. After a few minutes Reborn broke the silence. 

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