18 - Safety First

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"Did you get anything from Karen?"

Dana and Alex had retreated upstairs to their hideout. After the recent events it felt almost strange to be back, digging through files and folders to find information about the things Alex had seemingly forgotten about. Dana was concerned about that specific part. It looked too real for him to be faking it, but it freaked her out a little. She'd asked him about what had happened, but he really didn't seem to have a clue. It had crossed her mind a few times that what if she were the one to lose her memory. If she didn't remember her past, what would happen to her? What would she do? Would she remember that Alex was her brother? Would she even remember her own name? It was surreal to think about.

Dana turned in her chair to look at her brother. A few things ran through her mind at that moment. One thing was the harshness of his eyes, the other was the state Manhattan was in. She hadn't seen all too much, but enough to know something was incredibly fucked up and just wrong on so many levels. She also knew that if something wasn't done about it, a lot of bad things could happen. Very bad.

"No" he responded. He had yet again placed himself in the sofa, but instead of leaning back and looking relatively relaxed, he was now sitting with his elbows resting on his knees, glaring at the floor. Though it wasn't a rare sight to see him upset, angry or in deep thought, Dana couldn't help but frown when he was. She wanted to help him more than those times he asked for it. Wanted, but he probably wouldn't let her. And she couldn't exactly go out there and punch on some marines with just her hands for no apparent reason. No, they'd just pick her up like some doll and use her to get to Alex. She couldn't risk that.

"Where is she now?"

"Safe" he said, getting up from his seat and flicking off some invisible dirt from his jacket. "Will you stay here?"

His cold gaze seemed to look right through her. A shiver trailed down her spine, but she nodded. Alex exhaled before turning to head out. Again without a word of what he was thinking, and Dana scowled. After these two days with no rush, he was intent in resuming whatever mad manhunt he had going for himself. Maybe he was stressed after all, and she'd just made it worse by being complicated. She sighed. Let him run off to do his thing and she'd stay here by her lonesome and watch time slowly tick by. Or that's what she would've done a few days ago. Now she had a walkie with her and could contact Rebecca if she got bored. Which-...

"Hey Dana, you there?" came a voice from the little device placed beside the laptop on her desk. She spun around in the chair and picked it up.

"What's up? Need me to massage your feet?"

Rebecca gave off a short laugh from the other end of the line. "Now that would be awesome, but no" she said, becoming serious. "Desmond ain't looking too good. Lucy want a real doctor to look at him, but we don't have any access to the internet to look for one. We thought maybe you had any ideas"

"Yea, let me check" Dana responded and put the walkie down. She was quite certain she'd seen something among the files stored on the laptop. It was the one Alex had sent her before seemingly disappearing from the face of earth. She wondered for a moment what he'd been doing during that time. And what could possibly have happened to put him at the top of the militia's wanted list? Not to mention, how was he able to stalk around the city with that status? It seemed like there were men in military uniforms around every other corner. She couldn't know, and unless he told her she doubted that she'd ever find out.

"Alright, I found something" she announced through the walkie. It took a few seconds before anyone responded. She guessed they were busy taking care of Desmond and each other. It surprised her a little to hear Lucy's voice.

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