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"Oh my gods!"

Percy gave a shy smile to her friends, Annabeth and Piper, who were closely examining  her dress after already receiving their own.

Percy was too scared to look in a mirror just yet- but her friends seemed to really like her outfit.

Hazel walked through the curtain, her long dress trailing behind her.

"Guys, we have to leave! The party starts in 30 min- oh my gods!" Hazel squealed, looking at her dress with wide eyes. "You look like an angel!" 

Percy blushed, not liking so many compliments at once. She examined Hazel's dress, which was a bright turquiose. While Percy didn't know makeup all that well, she knew that Hazel had eyeliner, mascara, and turquiose and royal blue eyeshadow. 

Annabeth had a grey dress, which had a high neckline and was studded with various jewels. Something told her that those weren't exactly plastic. Piper had a pink dress, with an off the shoulder design.

From what she could see, her dress went a bit above her knees, and was mostly white, but swirled with an ombre blue. She didn't know the name of the neckline- sweetheart? She felt overly exposed with the amount of skin showing.

"Lets go guys," Jason called out from behind the curtain, sounding impatient. Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel started to push through the curtain, but were quickly stopped by Percy.

"You guys- I can't go out like this! This is crazy," she hissed. Piper nodded and returned to the closet, pulling out a long grey coat that went to Percy's knees. She sighed in relief and thanked her friend a thousand times over, shrugging on the coat.

She followed her friends out of the curtain, zipping up the long grey gods-given coat.


Thor was amazed at the Olympian party, which rivaled his own Asgardian parties. He sat in a seat at a long table playing with his namecard. Next to him, his brother Loki, who had an all black suit on.

Thor had a white suit with a blue-green tie on it.All he was really concerned about was that he would meet his heroes- the Seven.

He tugged nervously at his tight shirt, earning strange looks from his brother.

"What are you doing?" Loki hissed, swatting Thor's hands. "You look like an idiot- don't do that,"

"And you look like a witch," Thor said, smiling at his brother, who rolled his eyes. "You know we are meeting the Seven, right? As in, Lady Persephone?" Thor smirked at his brother, who looked down, adjusting his tie and tunring a bright red.

"I do," Loki answered, tugging at his sleeves.

"Ahh, brother! Don't be nervous, you're just meeting the person you've had a crush on for- how long has it been?" Loki turned a deeper shade of red, shooting Thor a glare. Thor pat his brother on the back, hard.

"Now entering- Leo Valdez with Calypso!"

Thor turned his attention to the doors, which opened to let the final guests in. Leo was wearing an orange tie, to match Calyspo's orange dress.

Loki cast a nervous look over to Thor. This would mean Lady Persephone would be walking through the same doors moments from now, which was anough to make any man nervous who had the privelidge of looking at her previously.

"Hazel Leveve- umm, Hazel with Frank Zhang!" The crowd laughed at the announcers failed attempt at managing the young girl's name.

"Piper McLean with Jason Grace," 

"Annabeth Chase with Conner Stoll,"

Annabeth looked fierce, even with her dress and makeup. Her eyes darted around the room, scanning everyone as if she was analyzing every way to take every person down.

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