Chapter three

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Recap: Suraj spent another night with Chakor.

Suraj was happy he doesn't know what was going on inside him but he liked it to be with her. He took the key from the locker and kept it save in his pocket. He found a home.

Chakor was at the brothel when the inspector come. "Oh here you are! Now come I want you! All the new girls have to give me a free try! You don't want to be harassed by me or my men's?".

Chakor looked at him in disgust. "Tai what is he saying? Do I have to satisfy him for free? He wants to use me and won't pay for it? Not with me! We had a deal!". She wanted an answer from the bawd.

The bawd stood up and looked at her. "Oh Inspector I told you she is not one of them! She is not for free. She doesn't live here she is just using this establishment just for work. If you want to sleep with her you have to buy her for the hours!". She supported Chakor.

The inspector fumes in anger. "Fine then I will pay for it! Come!". He pulls her into the room.

Suraj was making his way to his friends. He was having a smile on his face happy for himself knocking that there is someone waiting for him. She made him breakfast and places his clothes on the bed end.

He had a new feeling inside him. His friends were waiting for him. "Suraj?".

He looked at them. "Haan!". They come to him. "Where were you the whole night? We were tensed for you!". Suraj shook his head and gestures with his hand. "I'm fine couldn't come home. It was too risky!". They nod to him and all were sitting on their regular place.

A boy come to them. "Saab Chai {Sir, tea}?". Suraj looked at him. "Oh Timepass you got a job! Wah wah come!". The boy come and sat next to Suraj he was admiring them. "Bhai mujhe apni gang main lelo na {please take me in your gang}!".

They laughed. "Chai woh bhi 5 logon ke liye! {tea for us 5} go!". The boy pouts but he left and come soon with the tea.

Chakor was looking at the Inspector. "You done?!". He looked at her. "Haan but I will come again you don't worry there will be plenty of time I will spent with you many times!". He hold her face with his hand and marks it reddish. Chakor hits his hand away. "Ey! Jiske paise diye woh to tune kar liya aage se aise haath lagaya toh haath thordoongi. Samjhe! {You got what you have paid for, if you are going to touch me in this manner again I will break you hand. You got it}!".

The inspector fumes. "You will do what?". He pulls her by holding her back hair he pulls her close and the head he pulls backwards. "I will come daily get use of it!". Chakor glares at him without fear. "Why your wife doesn't let you anymore. Well you aren't good maybe that is the reason. I didn't feel anything when you touched me! Come again. I will get my money. And you will get your fake satisfaction!". She said into his eyes in full rage.

He slaps her. "Aaahhh!".

The Bawd entered the room. "Inspector?! What is this? How dare you to raise your hand on her! She is working here but you won't come and touch her again. If I will see you roaming around her I will call the commissioner and get you out of this area!". She shouts at him and he fumes even.

A smirk was on Chakor's face. "Bye!". She licked the blood from her lip corner.

He looked at her full of anger. I lost my control she did this all in purpose. Now I will come to her home and get what I want from there!.

He left in anger and Chakor smiles in victory. The boy come the tea and runs into the inspector. His uniform got dirty and he shouts at the boy.

"Oye baache pe kyun ghussa kar raha hai? Kothe se tu araha hai bhighair dehke {oh why are you shouting at the boy? It's you who come out of a brothel}!". Laksh said.

Suraj hold him back. "Sit!". Laksh nods and Suraj stood up. "I heard the bawd. Did you hurt someone? You know the consequences of your behaviour, then why you did it?".

Ajay smirks and walks to them. "Suraj I think the next prostitute complaints at him, being bad not satisfying!". Both starts to laugh.

The inspector come closer holding his stick under Suraj's chin. Did come and the stick away. "What? Are you showing your power here at alley of the brothel? Here are men's standing in front of you! You wanna fight? come we are ready!". He openly challenges him.

Suraj turns. "Karan! You and Lucky go from here! Timepass go! And get some new chai!". Timepass left so did Karan and Laksh.

"Why do you have to be with me all the time? I know I sometimes behave like an immature kid but I'm old enough to know how and when to fight!".

Karan shook his head. "Don't know why and how but Suraj likes a little bit more than us! So keeping you away from this! Keeps you save not to get hurt! Now sit, watch and wait till the show is over!".

Laksh and Karan sat down and were watching at the other's.

Chakor come to the window. "Ey!". She shouts and all looked at her. It looked like she is angry glaring at the inspector but she was fuming at Suraj. "I can handle it! Get lost!".

They were stunned by her words, but Suraj made a fist knowing he had hurt her as he saw her lip which was still bleeding. Ajay and Sid saw that. "Wait! Don't do anything wrong! She said she handles it! Let her!". They hold him back and sat back on their place.

The inspector left glaring at Chakor. "I know where to find you!".

Suraj anger fumes even more. I will show you whom you will find there!.

They got their tea and drunk it. Timepass gave them the lunch which was prepared for them from anyone of the alley. They do save and serve them. And they only ask for food and drinks.

Suraj hold Timepass. "Go to the brothel and give food to everyone! They must be tired!".

The Timepass nods and got food for the whores too. He serves them. "Seems Like our Saviour feels pity on us? Suraj is too much always caring!". They praised him but also make fun of him. "He never sleeps with any of us!". Chakor heard it all, when Timepass come to her another customer just left.

"Here way you will get energy to work more!". He left saying it and she was confused about it. Does he want me to work more?.

Suraj looked at his watch. "Ajay you said the minister son is in town, where?". Ajay shook his head. "Have you gone mad? If you kill him and get caught you will be hanged or even worst, you will die in an encounter!".

They all warned him and refused to take the job. It was late night and finally she left the brothel. Suraj was drinking with his friends and was drunken...


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