Chapter 58: Golden Venus Celestial Tournament

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In some days after the party, Danielle, Riza, Edmund, Tamie, Tiger, and Kokuyo went to the Golden Venus Celestial Tournament. Tamie was really excited, as Taurus was a relative sign to Libra - both of these signs were controlled and protected by Planet Venus, the planet of love and fortune, so the Libra Celestial Lords, as Air elements, were called Silver Venus (as their necklace was made of silver) while the Taurus Celestial Lords as Earth elements were named Golden Venus (their necklace was respectively made of gold). 

The tournaments of Celestial Lordship were held only in special occasions when the previous Celestial Lord died by the hand of another sign, or when their powers were taken away by Bearers because of their crimes (which was the case of Akuma Fujimoto, the previous Taurus Celestial Lord the friends had defeated). At other times, people of respective signs simply challenged the Celestial Lords and in case of victory, took the title from them, as well as the necklace. The tournaments were held in the capital city of the Zariel realm, the Peak of Placidus - a high mountain on the top of which there stood the Zodiac Stadium and the Zodiac Palace (the castle where the Zodiac Council operated). Exactly in the Zodiac Stadium, the tournament was going to take place. 

When the friends arrived, the whole Stadium was already filled with Earth element signs and just Earth element fans - both Zodiac Masters and normal people. They rooted for their relatives and friends while some had just come for fun. Edmund and his members showed the guards their identification rings - the symbols of Rose Cruce Order - and entered to take their seats, while Danielle went into the preparatory chamber in the basement.

"Good luck mom! Smash them all!" Riza clenched her fist and grinned at her.

"Haha! Expect nothing less from your maman, Riza!" Danielle, this beautiful dark-haired, blue-to-grey-eyed woman, winked at her daughter playfully and proudly, and then descended the stairs, following the guards into the basement. 

"I really want her to win

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"I really want her to win..." Riza pressed hands to her chest once her mother disappeared into the basement.

"She will. She is the best Taurus of Rose Cruce Order," Edmund chuckled, proudly adjusting his glasses. 

"True," Kokuyo attested, "She has vast potential - Monkey spirit, Taurus sign... Monkeys are the best in Earth element forms, and especially when they're Taurus, as Taurus' main Earth form is Stones and Boulders. She would even be able to pursue the Battler Class if she had chosen it".

"Yeah, but my mom always loved theater... She is a Player Class".

"Well, the Player Class has its own strength too, doesn't it?" Tamie smiled.

"Yes, you're right," Riza got even more excited now - her mom would surely make it!

The friends took their seats near the Earth Celestial Lords (as Kokuyo had come in the role of Capricorn Celestial Lord Goldmund's substitute and so he had to take the Capricorn throne) and Tiger began whooping along with the crowd, while her dog Blizzard excitedly barked and wagged his tail, already pumped up from the energetic aura around. Soon the Zodiac Council members appeared too.

"The Council themselves have come?!" Tamie gasped.

"Big deal! Just some show-offs!" Tiger instead chuckled sarcastically. She looked past Kokuyo, next to whom she was sitting, and eyed that richly dressed coquettish brunette woman who wore a golden-chained necklace with a Mercury depiction and a grey gem in the middle - the Virgo Celestial Lady. "Now that woman is surely a thing. I'm going to beat her ass someday!" she grinned, and her two cats - Christo and Astra - who both happened to be the Virgo just like their owner, meowed proudly, apparently agreeing with their mistress. The Golden Mercury Celestial Lady perfectly heard Tiger's proud remark and squinted at her, then snorted, and turned up her nose. Seeing such a girlish rivalry between his own girlfriend and some coquette Virgo, Kokuyo chuckled amusedly - Tiggie was so funny...

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, and thank you for gathering with us on the Golden Venus Celestial Tournament today! The Tournament is officially started!" the anchorman announced, "The reason for holding this Tournament is that the previous Golden Venus Celestial Lord, Akuma Fujimoto, Tamer Class, Beast rank, proved himself unworthy and was punished by the Silver Venus Celestial Lord, Georg Braun the Bearer of the Taste, who took away his powers. Consequently, Akuma Fujimoto was deprived of his title of the Celestial Lord, and we need to announce the new strongest Taurus of the Zariel realm. All the orders of the Zariel realm sent in their strongest Taurus, and we've got the list of the opponents. You see all the opponents on the screen. The tournament begins!"

Applauses deafened the hall. A big computer-like screen in the Stadium showed the list of the duelists. Riza's mother, Danielle, was included in it too and was competing against one of the foreign order members.

Go, mom! Riza thought with her heart beating fast, so excited she was. If my mom wins this tournament, I am going to challenge the Jupiter Celestial Lady too, for the title of the strongest Sagittarius...

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