Lost all hope!

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The monster festival.

For a tiny village it was a huge celebration. Filled with banners for the legendary monster and people in costumes were crowding the place. Connor and Lora decided to do a partner look, pretending to be a mummy couple. Mavis flew after us, wearing her cape. Jonny bought a jumpsuit, looking like a werewolf. As for me, I wanted to be a mummy first, until Lora stole my wrappings. Mavis gave me make up and a dress to be a vampire.

Of all things in the world, do I have to be a freaking vampire???

Apparently yes! No one listened to my complaints, as were walking through the streets. The stands offered souvenirs, sweets, drinks and glowing sticks. "What are the glowing sticks for?" asked Lora the lady selling them. "For midnight, everyone gets a few to put on your wrist or neck. It is just for fun, to make the night a lot more colorful." As for Mavis, she stood at the sweet area, looking at a familiar lollipop, "Awww, I had those when I was a little girl!" Jonny and I were with her, inspecting the rest of the candy. I asked Mavis for advice for the sweets, which she happily did. Later on we both had both one giant bag of sweets. I couldn't resist, "Mavis, I am going to steal your candy...blah, blah, blah!"

She stuck her tongue out, "As if!"

Jonny got some 'monster' energy drinks, slurping it beside us, "So, what do we do now?"

"There will be a band on stage any minute, doing some heavy metal music. Next will be a huge fireplace, in memory of Frankenstein's greatest fear. And guess what: they will play 'Fire' from Scooter. At midnight, they do techno music while a firework starts at the same time."

Jonny couldn't hold it back, "And if the fire gets a hold on the building, they play 'the roof is on fire'."

Unlike Mavis, we both were in a fit of laughter. But she had something else, that caught her attention.

Mavis has never seen such a band before. She was completely overwhelmed at their look and music style. Who would have thought, that Mavis Dracula is a fan of heavy metal. We couldn't get her away, not until she got the CD and all the autographs. "I wasn't aware that monsters can be hardcore fans as well" I jokes, slaping Jonny's shoulder playfully.

"This is my wife alright. An amazing woman, that I was lucky to Zing with."

While we kept on talking, Mavis was done. She held up the CD smiling happy, "I got them all!"

"Well done honey!"

"Guys, the fireworks start any time soon. We should get a good spot to see it better."

The two gave me a nod, before leaving me alone. They would give me a call, once they find a good spot. In the meantime, I looked for Connor and Lora. Easier said than done! There was no sight of them. The last time I saw them, was outside the pub. I asked the waitress about the two, but she couldn't remember where they went. They didn't even pick up their phones.

"Where the hell are they?!" I moaned out in frustration.


It was Mavis, I picked up. "Hello, Mavis?....I couldn't find them anywhere...eh?...what roof?" I looked around the houses, spotting Jonny, "How should I get up there?"

"I help you" said a voice behind me.

I jumped at the sound, "Woah Mavis! Don't scare me like that!"

She apologized before pulling me up to the roof of the nearest building. As on cue, the first rocket decorated the night sky. Jonny got between me and Mavis, holding us tight. "It is so beautiful" I nodded, "You are right Mavis." And Jonny, he grinned, "And I am lucky. Having two beauties in my arms, what more could a man ask for?"

I snorted, "I don't know...a broken arm?"

In the hotel, they had their own party going.

But for Drac's friends was there no time to celebrate. They tried their best to get into their old friends room. Drac locked his door. "Come one Drac, I am sure she comes back" assured Frank the sulky vampire.

"No she won't!" they could hear from the other side.

Everyone was unsure of what to do, as Drac's father came their way, followed by a bunch of witches.

"Hey there fellas, what is all the commotion here?" he demanded, knowing the owner of the door.

"Well, your son is in love...with Johnny's friend. But he thinks she had left him for the monster festival at the human town." Frank saw no reason to hide this from Vlad. Griffin was the next to speak up, "But they come back, we know they will...but Drac doesn't believe that."

Vlad listened to them carefully, before sighting loud, "Drac, come out now!"

The Count knew, if he doesn't come out, his father will force him. With heavy feet, he dragged himself to the door, "Yes dad?"

"Listen up son, if that girl comes back here, you will take her out on a date. Is that clear?"

Drac hesitated, "but...she will..."


"...yes dad...I promise."

With one turn, Dracula was inside his room again, locking the door shut. He was sure, that I will never come back to the hotel...ever again. So this promise will never be fulfilled.

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