"a friend"

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july 20, 2018
susquehanna, pennsylvania

"have you told jack that you like him?" zoe, penelope, jack, and valeria went out to at a locally owned restaurant. the fake couple was planning to confirm their relationship in the coming days. jack who was currently at the main counter was waiting for his order to be boxed.

"do you think if i told him he'd still be here? doing this with me?" penelope questioned. zoe sighed.

"i guess not. but wont you feel better telling him?"

"and have what happened with selena happen with jack. no thanks."

"jack isn't like selena." the curly head boy approached the table from behind penelope hoping to hug her from behind and kiss her cheek, but she began speaking, causing his to pause.

"how do you know? jack and i are only fake dating therefore its not that hard to keep up the fact act. and that's what selena did. she was my best friend. we'd been through everything together and when i told her i liked her she used me and as much as i find jack attractive, and sweet, and charming and one of my favorite people to be around i dont wont to risk our budding relationship because i fall for people to fast. i dont want to lwet him in so he can hurt me. so im going to do what's best for me and continue on with our fake dating and keep my heart out of this."

by the end penelope had a few tears falling from her eyes, flashbacks of the emotional abuse selena had put penelope through during the course of their relationship. she slid out of her chair and spun only to be met with a sorrowful jack. she attempted to push past him but he grabbed her arm and pulled her into a tight hug.

he didn't know the history behind penelope and selena but in that moment she needed a friend, and that's what he would be and then maybe they could discuss something more.


sorry this update took so long. i was thinking of doing a character q&a at the end of the book...thoughts?

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