Poems for the Broken Hearted

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The Truth Hurts

You once told me

Youd always be there

Wipe away my tears

Everything seemed to be so perfect

Then one day you just werent there anymore

I was left alone feeling like no one care

That everyone i ever had would always end up leaving me

I felt there was only one way out of this cold mistress

only one thing to make the pain go away

and as i knew

you no longer cared

thats why it made it so easy

to end everything

Unsaid Confessions

Letters are formed

Words fill the page

Words full of honesty

Pains so immense

tears streamed from.my eyes

Here i return

To the very place my heart was broken

Where we said our final goodbyes

And my clear skies

fade to grey

Since you left

A sad, dark, cold mistress has come over me

blinding me from the good in life

All i think about is how im not good enough

So, here are my last words

to.the one who made me smile

when i wanted to cry

who was always on my side

I hope youre happy

I give you my best

Because i still love you


I tried for you

Wanted you to stop worrying

But soon it got worse.

I lost the one i could trust

Leaving everything bottled up inside

Leaving me to surrender to my own self

Watching as i no longer recognize the face on the other side of the mirror

I slowly crumble

Falling apart

So you see i put on a smile

To hide everything

The pain, the guilt The sorrow i feel

For i dont want your sympathy

Because maybe if i pretend long.enough

Ill actually be happy.

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