Chapter 4

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Fred p.o.v

We just walked out of Defense against the Dark arts when Malfoy ran towards us. He was frightened and we both knew it was probably Harriet. "Harriet, she said I needed to get you guys or something. She was freaking out." When he said the last part we started to run. when we got in the woods we found a totally freaking out Harriet. we could see she tried to calm down but couldn't. "Hey, are you alright?" I asked. "My back hurts. It aches." She said. tears running down her face. We looked at each other.


" There is a possibility that she still needs to get her wings. I figured out that they still have to grow. This might happen when she totally freaks out. When her emotions get too high. When this happens you need to make sure she drinks this." Professor Snape said and handed us a potion. "Why doesn't she have them yet?" George asked. "because She hadn't found you guys. her mates. Listen, this may be awkward to hear from me but, When she has her wings there is a change her heat starts. When she is in heat you to will want to mate with her. When you guys have mated the bond will be completed. after the mating, there is a change she is pregnant. things will get more complicated than it already is. because you guys may have to deal with Dumbledore ( yes the old man is also still alive). Anyway, I prepared you guys now leave before someone sees you guys.

{end flashback}

George p.o.v.

She was crying and I saw that she desperately tried to get her clothes off he back. "It hurts." She cried. I gently removed her clothes so her back was bare. I saw that bones Growing out of her back. I took out the potion and opened it. "Here drink this. It will help." I said. She slowly drank the potion.

After a few minutes, It finally ended but Harriet Blacked-out. we sat against a tree and I have her head on my lap. She was sleeping softly. "She is quite strong isn't she?" Fred asked. " She is. She's strong, beautiful, smart, caring and stubborn. I love everything about her." I said. We both always loved her but we didn't confess because she had something with Grindor (Ginny male) when He died in the war she had cried the whole night after the war. "But sometimes she is so vulnerable. What I like the most is that she is so real. She never hides anything towards us." Fred said. I nobbed. Suddenly Harriet started to move

Harriet p.o.v

I slowly woke up. I felt a weight on my back when I looked I saw two huge bat wings. 

I almost screamed my lungs out of my body

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I almost screamed my lungs out of my body. "It's alright, Don't freak out." Fred said. "how.. what?" I started to panic. "I'm getting Snape," George said and left. I was afraid and in panic. Fred locked his arms around me and started to hum. Slowly I started to calm down. Snape came closer and Fred let me go. "How are you?" Snape asked. "She just woke up and the first thing she did was freaking out. How do you think she is!" Fred yelled. 

I noticed that Fred was being more protective than usual. "see that the fact that she is vulnerable is activating the protective side of you guys." Professor Snape said. " I'm tired and confused. so I would appreciate it if you could explain what is going on." I said. " Well, your inherited completed. you got wings because your mates are humans. they came so you could protect them when needed" He answered. "And you didn't think it was a smart idea to tell me?" I asked. "You would probably haved freaked out that moment and that would be troublesome." He answered. "Is there anything else I need to know?" I asked. " in the next 24 hours, your heat will start. When the bond is completed you will have the urge to change them. this is in your instincts to make sure you and your mates will be together forever. here is a potion that will make you feel better." He said. "I will leave the three of you alone by now." He said after I drank the potion. 

The potion helped against my headache. Fred and George both hugged me and didn't let me go. I recalled what Snape said about me being vulnerable that made them protective. The thought made me smile. They really care about me. They are probably the only people who will be with me my whole life no matter what. "what are you thinking about, kitten?" George asked. "the fact that the two of you will be with me forever made me smile." I answered. "We also are happy to be with you," Fred said. "and we will never leave you," George said. I smiled and buried my face into Fred's chest. 

The next morning I woke up next to George in his bed. I looked around confused cause I'm sure I fell asleep in the forest. They must have carried me here. I thought back at yesterday. I smiled again. I walked into the bathroom and showered. I realized I was wearing an oversized shirt for me and thought one of the twins pulled me one of their shirts on. I showered and put on my robes. I walked out and George hugged me from behind. "good morning angel. I was scared you left." He said. "I didn't. and good morning handsome." I said and kissed his cheek. "That unfair." I heard Fred say. " Does little Freddy also want a kiss from mommy," I said teasingly. " Not from my mother but from my mate." He said with a childish look on his face. I also gave him a kiss on the cheek and went off for breakfast. 

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