Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

If last time was any indicatation of this time, my next job would be a trail. The same as last time but a different brief. I hoped for a female model this time so I don't have to ask Harry again, even though I doubted he would even want to help me. We didn't talk after the conversation we had yesterday and the class went by so quick I don't remember any of it and then I passed out by eight last night.

I woke up early today and I didn't notice any girls in the apartment. There was no clicking and clacking of heels, no cheeky laughter and not even a small slap of her skin. Each laughter from that room that either person made was like a slap across the face. The laughter didn't make me feel happy for him, it made me feel envy. Not for Harry, for whoever seemed to be in the bedroom this time.

Over the course of the days since he found out about Noah, and I ignoring Noah, losing Harry seemed harder then I thought it would be. I knew he would be upset, angry and betrayed but I never knew he would completely shut me from his life and I know I shouldn't be surprised. I thought maybe he wouldn't like me the way he seemed anymore and I wouldn't fall for him anymore and that friend zoning each other would seem fine.

But it was worst. It was complete silence and my heart wrenched over it. I wanted to hear him speak a down to earth conversation and I wanted to be somewhat physical with him. Physical in a way where I can simply lay my feet on his lap while watching some dumb movie we both fought over or even to feel his shins accidentally when I moved my feet under the covers. I missed that dickhead and I hated to admit it.

I hate to admit that he was right. That he was right that I wanted him, not sexually, there is where he is wrong. I hated to admit that Belle was right. I hated to admit that I was falling for a bad boy, a sexaholic roommate of mine that I saw no possible future with if I kept falling for him.

In the end, I hated to admit that Belle's third theory of the stages of love was right. I tried building any sort of wall that I possibly could to push him away and I failed because in the end, I cared more for his broken heart then I did mine. Every scenario I was put in, I seemed to care more about his feelings then mine or the possible outcome to my job if any. And the way I am so drawn to him. He was nothing of my type and Belle pointed that out bluntly and I would never admit to falling for this type. I have and it was highly unexpected for me to do so. Gosh, even Audrey couldn't believe what I was falling for.

Every time I hear Belles words of wisdom over the phone, I can remember each and every word. Everything seemed to be right, but his imperfections haven't upgraded anywhere near perfections. He knows nothing of my past or future and I wasn't on planning on telling him either. And neither did I thank my God for him.

Maybe over time, I would see something in Harry. Something that would make the third theory come true in a matter of seconds but nothing has happened yet. Nothing has set that flame in me yet.

The ding from my phone interrupts my thoughts but I was thankful in a way since I was getting sick of confusion. I lazily take my arm across the table and I slightly lift it, clicking the home button to see the notification I received. I also hear Harry's bedroom door open as I scan my eyes over the new email I had gotten. Just like I thought, I have a trial coming up, no date yet but I have my brief.

A simple fashion magazine shoot with the theme of robotics. I didn't question it so much but I knew I had to do my research. I continue to read and I become relieved when I read that a model will be here for me. I was glad that I didn't have to ask Harry or go and find a female model.

I hear his footsteps behind me as I continue reading. He stayed silent as he passed me but I could sense he was looking over my shoulder and I couldn't be more right. 'Aw, is that Noah?' his smart alec mouth spits as he scoffs walking to the fridge.

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