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I'm really sorry for not updating guys, and it might be a while before I can. I was recently informed that my grandmothers Lung Cancer has made it so that she has at most a month left. After school this week my mom and I are leaving to go spend time with her.

Though, while I have this time now, I have to say, Please dont just comment 'Update' or anything like that. Its pressuring and I know a lot of other authors have posted the same thing on their stories. We all have lives outside of Wattpad that require attention and can't always write. While appreciate that you like my story, I can't always update on a regular schedule. I am both a High school and College Student with a giant Homework load, this is a hobby to help relieve stress from the work load, but when I get pressured to update its like adding an Essay due the next day to my homework and its no longer any fun to write.

I am trying to get ahead of my updates to I can have chapters written to spare so I can just log-on, Update, and log-out, but as of right now I don't have the chapters finished in order to do so.

Now, Off those topics;

Comment here, What do you think will happen? It can be as crazy as you want. If I like it enough and can work it in, it just might end up in the story at some point with a mention to whoever came up with it.

On the topic of Barton being a Demigod and if he is what camp he went to... All you are getting is that, Yes, he is a demigod. That's it, thats all the spoilers you are getting.

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