Chapter 4

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Demyan Lev Petrov Point of View

F***ing Shit!

That a****le Valdez.

Was he trying to double cross me? F***ing impossible. I am Demyan and you cannot outsmart me.

"We got him." Egor, my best friend and my second in command said, leading us to the dungeons.

"How did he manage to divert the shipments despite of tight security and fine plans we made?" I gritted and watched that Egor was having a grim face too.

"Valdez bastard has planted spies here and got things done so easily. We must've not trusted our men so blindly." I know he was raging as much as I. All our men are under his command so knowing that there are spies in our lot has triggered him more than me.

We neared our dungeons in one of my old warehouses and immediately heard the grieving yells which made me sigh in satisfaction. He is getting what he deserves.

I walked in to the cell where the spy of Valdez is tied to a table and was inserted with many needles and nails.

Ah, the joy of looking at a betrayer wailing loudly in pain. Such a heartwarming music it is.

I sat on the only chair placed opposite to the table and leaned back putting my hand on the hand-rest.

"Alright, let's get the class started. How did you divert our shipment?" Egor asked, at the same time hammering a nail slowly on the shoulder of the spy bastard, Levin.

"Have you lost the touch in hammering, Egor sweetheart? Just put that in one shot."I voiced out in a girly voice of one of his recent conquest which he hates the most. I had to hide my smirk looking at the frustrated scowl Egor was throwing towards me so generously.

"Ahh, Argh" I heard Levin yelling in pain but all Egor was concerned about proving his skills in hammering. "Are you satisfied now, Don."

I grinned at him with over-excitement and replied with a "Very much"

"Now Levin, I wouldn't be this stubborn if I were you. Tell us what we wanted and I will give you an easy death. But I am not that heartless and cruel, you see. I will take care off your family and send them away to a place where they can live peacefully with enough resources. Only if you tell us or else you family..."I trailed off with a nonchalant and bored tone. I have an important meeting after this but this f**ker is not ready to open his mouth.

"P-please. Please. I will tell you but please leave me and my family. Please." Now my lenient behavior is giving him courage to make deals with me. Alright let's play your way.

"Fine, Now information."I nodded towards Egor and he understood what I am expecting of him.

"Don Valdez – he planted few of his men in your group. Those men will slowly start turning your men against you. It was his long term plan and already succeeded in turning your Grade D men against you. That was how he was able to get away with his act." What Levin said was a little puzzling. Turning my men against me?

I looked at Egor, he looked blank but I can see the storm of confusion in his eyes.

"Turn against us? How and why take risk of turning against us when he can win by killing them?" Egor question triggered something in me.

"I think I know the answer to why. Since he was aiming for my throne, it was a smart move to hail more men for himself from us. The more men, the more powerful he gets. Now getting to the part, how" I said and looked patient enough for Levin to talk. Damn, I have a weird and important meeting and this is talking too long. I'm getting annoyed right now.

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