(9) The Dragoon

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  • Dedicated to Final Fantasy for making awesome games and awesome charatcters. For making Kain

* Special Appearance and Character: Kain Highwind I did not make or think of this character, he is a character from Final Fantasy IV. I just put him here because he's awesome and cool ^-^ and a great charatcer for plot and etc. for my book. Once again I did not make him, it goes to Square Enix. I will soon once edited be redesigning this character with differences to make it my own without fear of copyright issues - yet still keep in mind where the influence of this character derived from. (I was so young and dumb when I most of this so that's why there's so many mistakes and errors like this. This will all be edited and fixed so keep that in mind too)  

       Kain stared at the horizon, he stood still. Standing against the jutting cliff, the sea shined as the morning sun cast a layer of heavenly light on it's rippling surface. The barren lands were full of creeping monsters and various abominations of sorts, he clutched his eight-foot spear, the tip was jagged and sharper than a sword, the bottom was shaped like a lance, a red strap was connected to the spear, so that Kain could wear the spear across his back if he so chose.

  They should arrive any second, Kain thought to himself, he was more of the independent person, thinking more to himself than speaking. He donned the armor of a legendary dragoon, for he was. He could leap thousands of feet into the air, and dive back with enough force to destroy buildings. He had the power of wind, and the beckon of the sky at his command.

 He shook himself from his thoughts at the sound of the earth rattling. Dust billowed into the air as if a stampede was coming. But it was only four men. Has the Empire finally realized they cannot toy with me any longer? Or have they come to make me yield?

  Kain ripped his spear from the ground, he grunted then leapt into the air. The wind pushed him further as he soared through the air. When he landed he was a few meters away from the men.

 He rose, and studied his opponents. Grinhad, the huge man wore silver armor, his long beard looked trimmed, his bushy eyebrows stared at the dragoon in a mixed combination of fear and curiosity, the thick man never feared much, always hiding behind an aroma of confidence and arrogance, but it was gone now. Realizing that he stood before one man who wiped entire armies and fleets of men in but a few minutes. Grinhad held a heavy steel warhammer, he wore a Viking helmet. Besides him was Baron, who was dressed in similar armor and silk clothing, he had wild brown hair, and a goatee, he held a swordstaff, and besides him was Mexan the spellcaster often boasted of his incredible intellect and knowledge of the Dark Arts. His spells could cause instant death, revive armies of the undead and more, his feats were impressive, but compared to Kain, his spells would mean nothing, except his spells Mexan was unarmed. Then there was Faldon, the silent warrior was wise and strong, he had a tall sword, a falchion, his face was obscured by his steel helm and the visor that covered his eyes, he wore silver armor and looked like the only one out of his companions truly dressed for combat.

  "This is the legendary dragoon," Grinhad scoffed, even though everybody knew that he was uneasy behind his bold words, "What a waste."

 "Don't underestimate your foe too early, Gwinhad," Faldon muttered, "King Velgar may have send some of his four best, but that doesn't mean this battle won't be easy."

 "At least you seem to have a clear mind," Kain said, his voice was deep and sarcastic, "however he is right, what hope do you four stand against me, I am outnumbered and outclassed, correct? But I will show the pride and honor of a dragoon! I cannot forgive the Empire for enslaving my kind, not to mention capturing the dragons! This unforgivable act will be punished, but if I were to kill four of the men from the Emperor's court the bounty they have placed on my head will only substantially increase. . . so consider yourself lucky to still live while I am done with you."

 "Hah, bold words," laughed Baron uneasily, "and guess what? We only need one more dragoon enslaved! And that's you!"

 "Baron, shut up! Let's just finish this job and get it done," Mexan said.

 "Very well," Kain said. Faldon drew his sword, but a strong gust of wind slammed into all four of their bodies, and pinned them in place. Their mouths hung open but nothing came out, the strong wind stopping the from moving, speaking, not even breathing. Without being able to speak, Mexan's magic was useless, and without moving they couldn't lay a finger on Kain.

 "There are several ways to end this," Kain said, "I could leave you struggling for breath until you breathe no more, I could simply kill all of you right now or I could leave you four here for eternity."

  Grinhad looked furious, he looked like he wanted to say something but he couldn't. Baron looked at Mexan for help, as if to release the from this, but Mexan was just as helpless. It had only taken a few seconds for Kain to defeat them so easily, he didn't even have to lift a finger. Just how powerful was he?

 "Letting you four die will anger the Empire more, so sadly I cannot slay you fiends, but I can leave you here for eternity," Kain suggested. He snapped his fingers and breathe came to them once more, however they still couldn't talk, move, or anything else besides stare and blink.

   "I shall feed you once a day, nothing more to keep you alive yet slowly decaying," Kain said. "Other than thought you can starve."

 Whether it was out of boredom or not, Kain swiped his spear, causing several wounds to appear on the four men, they looked like they wanted to scream in protest and agony, blood spilled from their wounds, causing a pool of blood to form around the men.

   Turning his back Kain leapt into the sky and disappeared amongst the clouds.

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