Chapter Four.

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Sweet Pea had spent the night that night but he didn't stay for long as Jughead called him, saying something about needing his help.

That was three weeks ago and Sweets hadn't spoken to me since. I hated to admit it but waking up alone felt unusual and quite boring.

Before I had much time to think I had a look over at my phone on the bedside table, reading the time and realising I was already running late to school caused me to dive out of bed and into the shower.

I knew I was already late and I knew that the staff at Southside High didn't exactly care but I still liked attending classes, some of them were actually quite interesting and with only having a year to go I wanted to make the most of it all.

I rushed around the house in a towel as I tried to sort out my hair, settling on a messy top bun and having the rest of my hair naturally dry I applied a small amount of makeup to make myself look better than I felt. I don't know what it was but I'd been feeling incredibly sick over the last few weeks. It was probably just due to the stress and worry I was experiencing from Sweet Pea pretending I didn't exist and the usual tension of being in a gang but it still had me worried.

Considering I had put a little bit of effort into my hair and makeup I decided to throw on a cute traditional denim skirt, a white cropped long sleeved top and a pair of black heeled boots with roses on the side paired with my Serpent jacket before I rushed out the door.

I didn't bother checking my phone as I got in my car and drove the short five minute drive to school so it was quite surprising to see everyone rushing out the front doors considering it was only 10am. I decided to pull up at the doors and quickly hopped out of the car staring at everyone in confusion.

"What's going on did someone blow up the science labs again?" I asked Fangs making him chuckle.

"Good afternoon to you too Dani" Sweet Pea smirked before walking over to my car, leaning his hand on the roof of it. Confusion was 100% the only emotion I could feel in that current time.

"Dani!" I heard Toni yell interrupting the moment as I looked up and saw her rushing towards me, Jughead in tow.

"Toni! What's happened to our wonderful school?" I laughed as she wrapped her arms around me in a giant hug, almost as if she hadn't seen me in years when it had only been a few weeks, yeah I hadn't exactly been attending school because I'd been so sick.

"Something to do with the school being too dangerous or whatever excuse they would like to use to shut this hell down."

"Who cares?! We're all getting transferred!" Sweet Pea stated with a giant smile on his face, gosh how I missed that smile.

"What where?" I was still trying to process the information about our school closing down as shit of a school as it was I had spent so many years there and I thought I'd be spending my last year there too. I was also trying to comprehend Sweet Pea's sudden happiness towards me after he'd actively been ignoring me.

"We're all going to Riverdale High, time to show the Bulldogs who run this town." Sweet Pea replied, his signature smirk appearing on his face as Fangs cheered and fist pumped him.

"Oh gee..." was all I could possibly say as my stomach started to churn causing me to feel a little dizzy as I rested against the car.

Was I excited that all of us were attending the same school still? Of course.

Was I looking forward to the war that was going to heat up between the North and Southside? I had mixed emotions towards it that's for sure. I didn't mind putting the northsiders in their place but I didn't want to see Sweet Pea get hurt despite how he'd been treating me recently. That's probably the moment I realised just how much I cared for that boy.

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