02 | dinner

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I was rushing around my room, music blaring through my speaker, attempting to make my hair look wavy and get changed in time for diner.

We were going out to a fancy restaurant my fathers girlfriend had heard about, to celebrate his recent promotion.

I decided against a dress when I seen a nice pinkish salmon coloured pleated skirt. When I seen it in the store I immediately fell in love with it and soon found a white sweater to go along with it. The outfit looked suitable for the restaurant but was still comfortable.

I wore a small dainty watch and chain along with silver earrings gifted to me.

After struggling with my hair and outfit, I barely had time to do my makeup. I sat in front of my small mirror and attempted to make myself look presentable. When I was happy I slipped on a pair of white canvas shoes, grabbed my bag from its swinging position, turned off my music and laptop and ran downstairs to join my father and his girlfriend, Jin Ae.

'You look really pretty Amara!' Jin Ae chimed as she fixed her earring in the hall mirror.

Her hair was black, sleek and wavy. Her makeup; minimal. She was wearing a black lace dress with a slight turtleneck, a thin belt around her waist with sleeves that stopped above her wrists. She was also carrying a small silver diamond decorated bag, wore black shoes with a stiletto heel and she wore dainty silver and diamond encrusted accessories like the minimalist silver chain with a small circular diamond that my father got her for their recent year anniversary.

He had found it hard after my mother died but now he's found someone new and he's happy and that's all that matters. And Jin Ae is really nice which is a bonus.

'Both my girls look stunning this evening.' My father smiled brightly and kissed me on the head.

He was wearing just a simple black suit like the one he wore on his first day of work. After that he just wore a shirt and tie, nothing fancy.

I smiled at him before rocking myself back and forth on my heels.

'Are we meeting Dae-Ho at the restaurant?' My father questioned me.


Dae-Ho is my boyfriend and has been for just over a year. We met while I was working at the restaurant and when I asked him what could I get him, like I'm supposed to, he said my number.

It was the most stupid thing but he didn't even say it right, it was cringey as fuck so I felt kinda sorry for him and he looked cute as hell.

Instead of the conversation going like I described it above, it went something more like this;

'Hello, I'm Amara, your waitress for today, what can I get for you?'

'Your number.'

'Your phone number.'
'That's not on the menu I'm afraid.'

Then he became more confident in himself.

'Are you? Because you look like a five course meal.' He winked.
I let out a loud laugh which drew attention to the table before I abruptly stopped.

But later I felt sorry for him because he looked crushed and his friends laughed at him so I wrote it on the cheque and long story short we talked for a few months and we've been dating ever since then.

He's really nice and kind and he buys me things and he's really damn cute.

Only problem is; he doesn't know that I dated Haechan and Haechan doesn't know that I'm dating Dae-Ho.

I couldn't tell Haechan when we met in the record store because we'd only met after two years of not seeing each other and there's no real easy way to tell him when we never officially broke up, I kind of just moved away.

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