Chapter 1

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Day 1

Y/N's pov:

It was math lesson now and I was seriously not absorbing anything the teacher was saying.

" Urgh, math sucks.." Minhyun, the school's badass and I sighed in unison and the teacher surprisingly heard it.

" Y/N and Minhyun. Is this lesson too boring for you? " The teacher looked at the both of us.

I just stood there, sending the teacher daggers.

" Fine. Minhyun and Y/N. Go to the basement and help me bring up all the card boxes you can find in there. Now. " She ordered and the both of us stormed out of the classroom.

At least I won't have to see her stupid face...

I walked ahead of Minhyun and quickly went to the basement.

<At the basement>

" The door is in front of you. Can you go in? " Minhyun asked coldly.

It-It's dark...

Since young, I had a phobia of dark places so I never actually went into a completely dark area before. Even when I sleep, I turn on the night lamp.

Thankfully, there was a small dim lamp at the back of the basement but it gave out very little light. The room was too dark for my liking. I just wanted to take the shit out and get out of this place.

The moment Minhyun stepped into the room, the door slammed shut and it sounded like someone was locking the door.

" Ya! " Minhyun banged the door and tried opening it but nothing worked.

We-we're trapped here??

I started shivering in fear as I was hyperventilating.

I'm-I'm scared...

" Y-You. What's wrong with you. " Minhyun asked.

" I-I'm scared.."I cried.

I didn't really care about my image at this point anymore because I was really scared.

Minhyun sighed and walked towards me, pulling me down to sit beside him.

What he did next was totally unexpected.

He wrapped his arms around me and whispered soothing words to calm me down.

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