His Private Dancer Pt. 2

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As August continued to suck the base of my neck, I could feel a pool of my "good-good" forming in my panties. Eventually it completely seeped through my tights and leotard. I began to feel kind of embarrassed because he let his hand travel back down towards my private and he discovered the wet spot. "Mmmm...I see you like it ma" August said with a slight chuckle. All I could do was look down as I felt the heat of a blush rise to my cheeks.

August began to gently rub my pussy letting more of my wetness puddle in my panties. I let out several moans and threw my head back enjoying the pleasure. It's been a while since I've had anything this good so I threw the thought of my professionalism out the door and let my mind wonder in this sweet delightful pleasure.

He eventually came to a holt and I glared at him. I knew he could tell I wanted more because of the look I could feel I had in my eyes. August gave me a deep passionate kiss. He reached for a remote and pointed it in the air. Dance for you by Beyonce played throughout the room. August then dimmed the lights a little enough to set the mood and still be able to see me.

"Get up" he said in my ear. I did as I was directed, but I didn't know what do to. "Dance for me" he said lustfully. I raised a brow. "I want a private dance ma" he said. I'm not sure why, but it sent chills down my spine. I was a little nervous because I didn't know what he wanted but I took a lucky guess and seductively walked over to the pole that was a few feet ahead of me. I wasn't quiet sure how to pole dance and I was praying to God that I didn't make a fool of myself.

I began twirling around the pole and I realized that if I do what I do on the floor, why not do it in the air? I walked around the pole and popped my ass a few times. I could feel his intense gaze boring into my body.

I hopped on the pole and began climbing to the top. I don't know what came over me, but I was doing splints and twirls and bends and other things that I'd never imagine myself doing at the very top of the pole. I surprised myself!

I finally found my way down the pole and walked over to August who had a shocked look on his face. I smiled because 1. I'm glad I didn't bust my ass and 2. Because he was pleased with his dance. The look on his faced told me he wanted more. He didn't have to say it because I could sense it.

I softly teased him by showing a little more cleavage and bending over in front of him. I brushed my lips against his soft, plump, sweet lips. I could feel his heart to slow just as his breathing had done. 

I sat on his lap and began to do what I do best, grind. I could feel his already hard piece start to stiffen more against my ass.

I took his hands in mine and let them slowly explore my every curve. From my plump breasts to my toned torso, to my thin waist, to my round ass and thick hips.

As I began to grind harder I could hear his deep throaty moans ring in my ears. I smiled pleased with what I was able to do.

I turned my body to face him as I was still on his lap. August kissed me more intensely than before. I broke the kiss and he lifted his shirt. Once his was off, I couldn't help but lose focus of the moment to charish his chiseled tatted torso. It turned me on all the more and I guess he realized that because he slowly took me off his lap, stood up and peeled my leotard and tights off of me. I was now in my bra and panties. It seemed like he took pleasure in the sight.

At this point, we both stood almost naked in the middle of the room. I couldn't take it anymore! My body was beyond fed up with all the teasing...

To be continued...


Part 3 tomorrow??

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