The Angel Hunter - Chapter One

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Chapter One

Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Hell, ain't no bad place to be I said hell, ain't no bad place to be

Hell, ain't no bad place to be

You know that hell, ain't no bad place to be

Aaron moaned and crawled out of bed. He knew he shouldn't have taken the year off. At least he knew he should've kept up with training. Even the best had to practice. Of course Aaron didn't want to though. Vacations were for slacking off and sleeping on beach chairs under the sun getting a tan. Thanks to that, he was sore everywhere.

Aaron quickly ran his fingers through his short black hair and pulled on jeans and a t-shirt over his six foot four frame. Even though he hadn't been in Hell for a year, he was used to the heat. Aaron had made sure to stay in hot places so he wouldn't forget it.

Now, as he left his room, he wondered how he could've left. Sure ot take a break from killing angels, but Hell was beautiful. The red stalactites adn stalagmites made Hell, well Hell. The caves and the denizens living in them put the cherry on top. The lava was the chocolate sauce.

Aaron went to the training room adn went through his warmup routine. Then he really got down to work, working all his muscles. Anyone watching him would be amazed by how graceful he was.

When Aaron was done, he went to the Black Room to get his assignment for the day.

"How was your trip, Aaron?" Z asked Aaron, "Did you miss Hell?" Z was the closest thing Aaron considered a friend in Hell.

"Of course I missed Hell." Aaron replied.

"Ahh Mr. Aaron," Deb said as he walked up to her. "I trust you had an excellent vacation? Wonderful. There are a few angels lurking around one of our entrances. Terminate them all."

"Which one?" Aaron inquired.

"The one in Mount Faber. Leave as soon as possible. Z," She turned to address Z, "The angels killed our scouts searching for a gate to heaven, the idiot angels sent us their bodies. Go pick them up and dispose of them. The bodies, NOT the angels."

"Yes ma'am." Z said sulkily, shooting Aaron a jealous glance.

"I'll leave right away, Deb." Aaron said, leaving the Black room as Talon and Fang walked in.

"Gah! you'd think he'd be thoughtful enough to kill himself while he was away!" Fang sneered.

"Damn, this place was so much better without that icecube." Talon agreed.

"Just don't get in my way or I'll cut you into pieces so small an ant won't be able to eat it." Aaron said coldly.

"Freezie." Talon muttered as Aaron walked out of the room.

Aaron walked out of the cave adn into the cold air of Mount Faber. The cave was still below the tree line, but not by much.

Aaron walked deeper into the woods, listening. The cave closed behind him as if it was never there.

He crept forward on silent, shoeless feet. Soon, he heard the melodic voices of what could only be angels. Sure enough, there was a group of seven angels gathered by a river. They were discussing where the entrance to Hell may be. They were dressed for battle. Apparently, someone hadn't been careful when leaving the cave so the angels suspected there might be an entrance.

Suddenly the angels stopped talking.

"Come out, demon." an angel called in a hard voice, "We know you're there."

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