Chapter Ten (Redemption or War)

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"But I learned a thing or two all those years. Now he's bound right down to his soul and I won't remove it ever! He won't rebirth. His soul is going to be locked away with the other monsters!"

"But as for your Dragon, oh I'm coming for him! He has done much to earn my wrath! By not caring for or protecting you! Even from yourself! I've had enough of his bullshit!"

"He's going to find himself in the same fate! If he doesn't buy a clue and live up to his responsibilities and promises! Demands and expectations to move everything to his will!"

"Souls have a way of getting locked away in a box! It's my job! And in his case I will revel in it!"

"You'll do no such thing. Stay out of this let it evolve on its own! If he rises up and comes to his senses and evolves in this lifetime, that is what should be allowed to happen."

"You can't change his issues Princess! He must! Or pay the price and this time it will be the steepest! Because I'll not tolerate one more day of your pain. As king of the underworld he pays, and everyone connected to him!"

"You'll stay out of it! If he doesn't have love in his heart or see this connection then leave it be!"

"That's unacceptable! You are miserable and he's had long enough! It's my job to hand out consequences and this one I plan to enjoy!"

"I swear, you will not!"

"And I promise you Princess, he pays for each day his pride keeps him from caring for you!"

"Do not threaten me Jackal! Because I will slap you down like a rabid dog!"

"Princess, try me! I've seen and felt so much of your pain and suffering, I'll not tolerate more!"

"I can't do this anymore with either of you. I made my choice! Hell and be damned it's now on him! If he chooses to throw that away, what can I do? Besides I'm tired of jumping through time, and playing out losing him daily. I refuse to play anymore!"

"Even with this one I've been watching! No more Tee! You deserve love, it's what you are!"

"I'm not playing your game leave me be! If he truly loves me he will show up! If not, I will petition the High Queen to end the bonds and curse. I will accept all is lost!"

"Don't do that Tee! He needs to pay and smarten up! But to cut yourself off you will fade fast."

"So be it! I surrender to the probable eventuality that perhaps it was all lie! And was never real. Perhaps he spoke only empty words and I'm to drown in the loss and cease to be."

"Don't talk like that Tee! So many lives are touched by yours! You make a difference."

"I just can't anymore. I want my mate where he belongs. My grief and illness took me far away from the life I wanted. I had to meet everyone else's needs, but no one stepped up for me."

"Tee you've evolved all of us, you can't give up! You bring the essence of love itself to the world. You can't escape what you are!"

"But if I choose to step back and let it all go, the pattern will stop. The loss of seeing him and losing him day after day. To know he's close by and I can't reach his heart. I can't anymore! I'll eventually find the right combination of meds to stop the jumps. And never see any of you again!"

"Or you'll fucking kill yourself trying to stop the flow of time itself! Tee it can't be done you are the balance!"

"How many times King of the underworld have I stopped chaos? How many times have I stopped the bombs? The wars? Saved genocides from happening? Humanity always perpetrates new crimes against existence!"

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