Chapter Ten (Redemption or War)

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"Get out!"

He ignored me.
"Are you done with the weeping and praying for death bit Princess?"

"I'm not your princess!"

Stalking over and getting in my face he seethed.
"You were my Princess, long before he ever knew you existed!MINE!"

He raised his voice.
"I've stood by and watched you suffer. Where in the hell is he?
Even his duplicates are disgusted."

"Every day Tee, I hear you scream inside from pain. You get pushed from your healing into his selfish wars and sacrifice, again and again to help him. Where is your win? Where is your happy ending?"

"Nevermind it's none of your business!"

"It's my business! It is been my business since we were children. Every time you hurt, I hear it in here!" He slammed his fist against his heart.

"When you are beyond pain and pray for death, where in the fuck do you think all your pleas go?" He yelled.
"In here!"
He tapped his head.

"When you cry, I'm sad. When you want to die I'm mad as hell itself! I am the King of the underworld."

"No more, just stop! You've left enough scars in my heart for 1000 lifetimes."

"It's NOT my fault what he did to you!" He yelled again.

"Really, whose fault is it then,TWIN!"
I yelled back fed up with his face and crap.

"I will not let you die. And I will not accept your soul to rebirth! So live with it!" He yelled again.

"Why are you even here? You know I don't want to see you or even speak to you."

"Tough shit! Because I'm tired of watching from afar. I need to see you even if you are mad at me, I need to hear you and be close to you. You can't keep running from the past."

"I'm not! I'm staying away from the present and the danger in you!"

"You are not healed and I won't stand by and let you suffer more I can fix it!"

"Don't you ever touch me again! All your empty words if you could hear my pain then you knew what your twin was doing and you did nothing!"

"I tried! You don't understand."
He pulled off his shirt. It was an odd shock of muscles, holy shit scars and gross asshole.

My eyes drawn to the scars. I groaned. Words were carved into his skin and it looked like someone had tried to cut the entire surface off. I reached out and he gasped on contact. I couldn't escape the truth before my eyes.

This was some next level messed up spell curse shit of epic proportions. My finger traced the words. I knew them. They were my words, written in my own hand.

"What the hell is this?" I asked.

"Your vows to him and my curse! You locked me away. I tried everything to break the binding. Then I carved my own skin off! I was the presence who visited you. I was protecting you. But it scared him. He couldn't have you being protected could he?"

"Our childhood plus your pain is my curse. I had to watch locked in the underworld for years! Nearly losing my mind!"

"Short trip huh?"

"Oh shut up! I'm serious. It wasn't until you've left him that you bound him and freed me by severing your bond to him."

"You need to heal, I need to heal! If you could remember our friendship princess. You were my best friend!"

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