Help Me, Please

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Authors POV

"So, I'm waiting?" Jimin said sipping his coffee.

"Oh LOok At tHE TIme!" your shouted looking at your non-existent watch, "I should go now!"

"You've only been here for five minutes. Why do you want to leave already?" He asked, obviously aware of the cause of my actions.

"Well, haha, I'm late to a... BIBLE DICTIONARY STUDY MEETING!" you said getting up from your chair, "Jungkook we're going now!

"Wait why?" He said as his ears flopped. "Just because," you replied.

"Fine," Jungkook said a little irritated.


Your POV

I was doing some bills LIEk A ReAL AduLt, when I heard some odd noises coming from Jungkook's room (heh cumming *get's slapped* ow, Sorry)

"Kookie? are you ok?" I asked knocking on the door.


Wait, did he just moan. I'm clearly just hearing things. Wait, both options are bad. I need holy water. I should really start going to church.


Did this bitch just moan my name?

"Hold on! I'm coming in!"

Well, that was dumb.


Once upon a time, an idiotic girl walk into her adopted Bunny for three months, masturbating, with a phone next to him. That phone had a wattpad smut on the screen.

Sound familiar?



There was Jungkook, palming his crotch, letting have a raspy moan.

BrUH. The FUck iS GoinG oN?

"Kookie?" I managed to spit out, cause DaMn, My Bunny being looking Hot As Fuck.



"Help Me, Please."

A/n: smut is coming up. Oh and please give me some holy water to choke on!

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