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Book 3: E N G R A V E D

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Here is the sneak peek of the last book in the Entwined trilogy:

Surprisingly during her vacation, this author had a dream of the upcoming book Engraved. It was a short dream but enough for this author to get a grasp of what was happening.

As promised, ENGRAVED
will be published on the day Book 2: Enamoured reached 1 million reads on Wattpad. It could be in months or even tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to read Adrian & Renata's story in ENGULFED (I will start updating that book on September 1st and give a scheduled update every week //usually one chapter every Wednesday & Friday).

I'll see you all, my lovely angels, in Engraved. Seeing Bryan and Carlos in that dream intrigued me and I can't wait to start another journey with you all.

and available exclusively on Wattpad as my thank you for Entwined teaching 3M reads!
thank you for those who have sent me these covers! I love them all

[update : oct 5, 2018]

Thank you for those who've submitted the review and also those who sent me covers for Engraved and one of them even sent me a trailer video. Honestly, I thought no one would bother to even make one so thank you, I love you so much! I feel loved

Thank you M.T. (who humbly told me not to credit her) for making this video! ☺️


Hi, my angels and Twiners (a fandom name for Entwined series, not sure if that's a good name, do help me with that!),

I've posted excerpt of the third book of Entwined series, ENGRAVED, on my message board, I hope y'all enjoy.

<unimportant note>
My aunt bought me this dream catcher necklace when we visited Totem Pole at Stanley Park (hopefully it helps me remember details of my dreams, so I can write better story).

My shoes failed me so I bought this $2 slippers at Dollarama.

I'll write more about my trip to Vancouver in my "Wattpad & Me" book (which no one reads lol)

loads of pizza cos pizza is love,
your noob neighborhood author,
agatha x

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