Vote: Torture methods

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Okay, I see I'm getting a lot of nice feedback, but I have another vote that will interest you.

In the next chapter, if the "Arc Torture" fails to break Cinder to tell the information they need to know. Then I need you to vote for a new torture method! 😈

A. Arc's Sirens
-forces Cinder to listen to the Grunts or Jackals terrible singing, until she starts telling them the information that is needed. (They will be singing Shiney)

B. Grunt Breeding (NOT LEMON)
-Throws Cinder in one of the Grunt Breeding Chamber forcing her to watch in horror seeing the Grunts Breed, But will stop if they are giving the information they needed. (This Idea was given by @Shady_JDOG, ram227poi and SpartanII25 )

I will confirm the vote soon. I sound so evil! 😈😈😈😈 🤣

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