Chapter 27

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I stood there shocked.
He went ahead and entered Zack's nursery.
Why did he suddenly decide to go to the beach? Did I hear it wrong?
I followed him inside and found him packing Zack's clothes in a bag.
So, he was serious!
"Jayden!" I said.
"Shhh... Zack is sleeping." He whispered turning around.
I walked over to him to stand near.
"Jayden." I said again.
"You are still here? Go and pack your bag. Pack a good amount of clothes, ok?" He said still packing.
"Are we really going to the beach?" I asked him.
He stopped his work and turned to look at me.
"Was I not clear before?" He asked me.
"No, I mean yes you were clear, but I wanted to check again." I replied.
"Yes, we are going to the beach. Quickly go and pack your bag because we have to leave soon." He said.
"But, going at this hour..." I said confused.
He sighed and got up.
"Julia, can you please save this questionnaire for later. We need to hurry up." He said very calmly.
I nodded my head and he went back to his work.
I don't think he is in a mood to talk right now. I have so many questions to ask him but I guess I will have to wait.
"You are still standing here?" He asked me.
"I will pack Zack's bag, you should go and pack yours." I said to him.
"I already packed mine. So, please go and pack yours." He said losing patience.
"Yes." I said and hurried to my room.
I took out my bag and started packing my clothes.
We are just going to the beach then why do we need to pack a whole bag? Jayden sure is strange. I can never tell what he is thinking or why!
Better pack quickly before he loses his temper. I will ask him all the questions later. I know that I am ought to do what he says but I can't just blindly follow him around without asking about the details.

I went down with my bag and saw Jayden talking to Sally.
"Please take care of the house." He was saying when I walked downstairs.
"Yes, Jayden. Rest assured." She replied.
"Julia!" She said looking at me.
"Finally! Here you are!" Jayden said looking at me.
"Roy, take the bag from her and keep it in the car." He said to his driver.
"Yes, sir." Roy said and came to take my bag.
I gave it to him and went to join Jayden and Sally.
"Julia, go and sit in the car. I will bring Zack." Jayden said and hurried upstairs.
"Julia, please take care of Zack and Jayden for me. And also take care of yourself." Sally said to me.
"I will." I said smiling.
She smiled.
"Umm... Sally." I said hesitating.
"Yes?" She asked me.
"Did Jayden say anything to you?" I asked her.
"About what?" She asked confused.
"I mean, we are going to the beach and yet starting now and taking bags with us. Isn't that quite strange? He must have said something, right?" I asked her.
"You don't know?" She asked surprised.
"No. He said to ask any questions later. So..." I said.
"He must be in hurry." She said laughing.
"Julia!" Jayden whispered loudly coming downstairs.
"What are you still going here?" He asked walking towards us with sleeping Zack in his arms.
"I was just going." I said.
"Then, let's go." He said walking towards the entrance.
I followed him.
He put Zack in the back seat in attached child's seat and closed the door.
"Take care of everything here." He said to Sally.
"Don't worry about here. Just take care of yourself and Zack and also Julia." She said and looked at me.
Why are they acting like we are going to be away for a long time? We are going to the beach and will be back by tomorrow morning or afternoon or maximum evening.
"Julia, you can sit in the back or in the front, your wish." He said and sat in the driver's seat.
Wow! What a choice?! He is going to drive and that clearly means that if I sit in the back then it will look like he is the driver. I can't just do that!
I went ahead and sat in the passenger's seat.
He looked at me.
"Zack is sleeping so I will sit here and I don't want you to feel like a driver." I said fastening my seat belt.
"I am driving and that means I am the driver." He said shaking his head and started the engine.
"Bye, Sally!" He said taking off.
"Shoot your questions." He said.
I looked at him shocked.
"What?" He asked glancing at me.
"You are ready to answer my questions?" I asked surprised.
"It's a long ride and I can't listen to music because Zack is sleeping and answering your questions might be a good way to pass the time." He said shrugging his shoulders.
"Why are we going to the beach at this hour?" I asked him.
"The first thing Zack sees after opening his eyes should be the beach and the sea." He said with a smile.
"You are not thinking of waking him up in the middle of the night, are you?" I asked him shocked.
Zack is a kid! How can he just wake him up in the middle of the night?! Zack needs his sleep.
"What?" He asked confused.
"What are you talking about?" He asked glancing at me.
"It takes about half an hour to the beach from my house and about one and a half hours from your mansion to my house which means it would take about two hours or so from your mansion to the beach, and going now would..." I was saying when he started laughing.
"What?" I asked him confused.
"What a calculation?" He said and laughed again.
"I am serious." I said folding my arms.
"Ok. Ok. We are going to the beach but not the same place you went to." He said.
"Did you construct a special beach for your family?" I asked being sarcastic.
"Did you think that I will take my son to that crowded place? I have heard how crowded beaches become." He said shaking his head.
"Then which special beach are you taking Zack to?" I asked still sarcastic.
"I have a beach house about six hours from here. We are going there." He said.
"You have a beach house!!!" I said in a loud voice.
"Shhh... Keep your voice down!" He scream whispered to me and looked back to check on Zack.
"Sorry." I apologized.
"But, you have a beach house!" I said still surprised.
"Yeah. It's not a big deal." He said.
"It's a big deal!!" I said with wide eyes.
He looked at me and then again on the road.
"Looking at you... I think it's a big deal." He said.
"Did you recently construct it for Zack?" I asked him.
"No. My parents made that beach house. It was for a family time but we never had any. I used that house to get some alone time away from all this chaos." He said with a bitter expression when he mentioned his parents.
I remember Sally saying how he hates his parents when it's only a misunderstanding.
"What can you do for Zack?" I asked him.
"What?" He asked confused glancing at me.
"If your business goes down and the only way for you to give this luxury to Zack is by working day and night which means staying away from him. What will you do? Live a life where you will have to save every penny and can't fulfill Zack's wishes or a life away from him where he can have anything he wants but not your time?" I asked him.
He thought for a second and glanced at me.
"I don't want a life away from my son but I don't want him to adjust. If there is anyone who should make sacrifices then it should be me not my son. I want him to have all the things that he wants even if it means that I have to stay away from him. It may seem like a selfish money minded thing to you but as a parent, I don't want my son to see any hardship." He said looking at Zack in the back view mirror.
He sighed.
"Why did you ask me such a question?" He asked glancing at me.
"Your parents must have thought the same thing. You are just like your parents." I said and he suddenly stopped the car.
I gulped nervously. Did I make him mad at me?
He closed his eyes for a minute and then opened it, took a deep breath and then started the engine without saying a word.
I may have said something that I shouldn't have...

Julia started the forbidden topic. Why is Jayden so calm? Is it the silence before a Strom? Let's find out in the next chapter? 😉
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