Reapers recovery

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"So the Commander. What can you tell us about her?" Abby asked her as they walked towards the dropship. At a fast pace like theirs, it was a 30 minute walk from camp to the drop ship camp. Clarke looked at her mom and sighed before looking out ahead again. "She is young. Older than me by a few years, more like Bellamy's age and she seems very smart and powerful and very deadly if need be but she seems open to our proposal of truce." She said trying to sound as unaffected by the woman in question as possible though the smirk she caught on Murphy's face almost didn't let her.

"If we can cure Lincoln, then we can focus on rescuing my friends form the Mountain Men. I don't think it will be long before they connect the dots that our bone marrow is the solution for their problem and once they do, I don't think we will have much time before my friends start dying and I can't let that happen to them." Clarke said to her parents and Murphy nodded. "You won't. If anyone can save them, it's you." He said to her and she smiled at him. It was nice having this friendship with Murphy, she chose very well.

The moment was interrupted by Jake who spoke to his daughter. "Clarke, can I ask you something personal?" her father said and she looked at him. "Of course, Dad. What is it?" she asked and he sighed. And although she hadn't had time to breath since yesterday, or since she came back to camp, always something to deal with, she wanted her parents to be there for her, to be a part of her life or at least the part they could be involved in. She was glad they had both come with her so they can have a moment like this. Together.

"I saw Finn kissing you when he saw you after he and the others returned from whatever they went and he is Raven's boyfriend so what was that about?" he asked her and she sighed at the topic she didn't want to talk about. "Okay, first, he is not Raven's boyfriend anymore, they broke up shortly after she got here. Second, apparently, he is in love with me and he does those kinds of things even though I told him it won't happen. But I did not help him cheat on Raven, if that was the underlining question." She said and thought, not this time at least.

"Okay. I was afraid of that but I am happy to know you didn't. You both deserve better than that." Jake said to her and she nodded, though pushing thoughts on the fact she and Raven went through that before out of her mind. "Yeah, I'm supposed to go and talk to him about his feelings and mine as well but with everything that has been going on, I haven't had the time to just sit down with him and truly explain the situation but I will very soon. He needs to stop with doing stuff like that." Clarke said to them and her parents nodded agreeing with her.

"So how did you become the leader of the 100? How did that happen?" Abby asked curiously and Clarke smiled and from going into one she liked. "I was basically the only one with a working brain it seemed, and without a personal vendetta against the Ark so to stop them from taking the wristbands off I had to assert some kind of authority, I guess? After that, it was almost as if I was chosen by default. They started looking at me for decisions and still do so there's that to add on my resume." Clarke answered her mother.

"More like you were your bossy self and we had no choice but to do as you said." Murphy said to them and she smacked him in the arm. "You are a certified dumbass. I was not bossy." She said to him and he chuckled. "Of course not. How would anyone even think such a thing?" he said and she shook her head as her parents laughed. "You two are supposed to be defending me, not laughing at me." She said to them and they shrugged. "It's not right to go against the truth, kiddo." Her dad said to her and she looked at him. "You are the worst Dad ever, you know that right?" she said smiling and he smiled too nodding.

"Clarke, sweetie. Your friends told us at the debriefing that you almost had a truce with the grounders, is that true?" Abby asked her and Clarke nodded at her mother. "Yeah, I met with a general of the Commander's army, Anya. We were talking about having a truce and safe passage for the rest of you when you came down but a friend thought we were in danger and started shooting and the meeting was ruined. Later, Anya was the one I found inside the Mountain waiting to be the next blood bag and we got out. I convinced her to set me with an audience with the Commander and she did. Now, all that is left is prove to the Commander that they can benefit from an alliance and hope we can get our people out of that place soon" Clarke said and the others nodded.

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